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Flow Components

FLOW4YOU - GEA Flow components

Thanks to a committed and experienced team that absolutely prioritizes a spirit of innovation, extensive expertise, a love of technical detail and reliable service, GEA Flow Components keeps your production flowing. With its comprehensive portfolio of innovative, sustainable and high-quality components in the four areas of hygienic valves, hygienic pumps, aseptic valves and cleaners.

What we pledge to you

Because we continuously work on our modular components that reliably and efficiently optimize your production flow and we pledge the following to you:



We know how important maximum flexibility is to you. We have therefore developed an innovative, modular component system that affords you as much freedom as possible while nevertheless guaranteeing product safety and process reliability in the production of liquid media with every component selected. In a nutshell, our flow components are not only safe and sustainable, but also as simple as Lego®.


GEA is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2040. For you to be able to make your production systematically more sustainable too, we develop our durable pumps, valves and cleaners in such a way that they make considerable water and energy savings possible. We practice sustainability internally too, with recycling programs, electric mobility and a mindful use of resources.


Safety is essential for all hygienic production processes and is a complex matter – not least because the hygiene and safety requirements are being made stricter and stricter. For decades, GEA has been the first choice when process components need to be adapted to new requirements. We combine our knowledge in the areas of product safety, process reliability and occupational health and safety to offer you a crucial advantage!


The sign of a good and stable partnership is support – especially when you need it! Only then can a relationship founded on trust be built up. We therefore make every effort to ensure that the trust you place in us pays off, supporting you both before and after you purchase our components with a variety of services which are long-term and tailored to your needs.

We have what you need

No matter what liquid media you produce, be it fruit juices, ointments, chocolate, vaccines or make-up, our portfolio of modular solutions will help you optimise your production flow. Our components also meet the highest standards, including those for especially delicate media like dairy products and nutrient solutions.

FLOW4YOU - Beverage


Components for you to produce beverages.

FLOW4YOU - Brewery


Components for you to produce beverages in breweries.

FLOW4YOU - Dairy & Food

Dairy & Food

Components for you to produce dairy and food products.

FLOW4YOU - Home & Personal care

Home & Personal Care

Components for you to produce personal care and cleaning products.

GEA Flow Components


Pumps, valves and tank cleaners for hygienic and efficient pharma production

FLOW4YOU - GEA Flow components


Time to meet

We offer more than merely quality components you can build on. Our employees stand for the GEA Group values – which you benefit from too!
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Aseptic valves & components

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