Small changes, big impact

LEFF®: Smart lifting, sustainable cleaning.

LEFF®: Smart lifting, sustainable cleaning.

Save more than 90% water and CIP media

Cut the costs of valve cleaning while preserving the environment: Every GEA T.VIS® A-15 valve control top is equipped with the smart LEFF® function. This smart technology reduces the necessary CIP fluid and water in the cleaning cycle by 90 percent and more!

The LEFF® function is integrated as standard into GEA T.VIS A-15 control tops – the advanced choice for mixproof valves e.g. in beverage and non-aseptic dairy processing.

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One of Sweden's largest Dairy plants confirms 92 percent savings

One of Sweden's largest Dairy plants confirms 92 percent savings

A top dairy facility in Northern Europe has recently replaced two valve matrixes and was able to compare CIP loss before the change (without LEFF®) and after (with LEFF®).

Measured savings per cleaning cycle in the valve matrices amounted to 0,19 L base (277 L per year) and 0,12L acid (175 L per year) under identical conditions, plus additional savings in water/wastewater and heating energy!

Talk to our experts and find out your potential savings with our savings calculator. With our software we can easy estimate, how much you can save on water, energy, chemicals and CO2, by upgrading or installing GEA technology.

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Low Emission Flip Flop – the LEFF® principle for high power

Conventionally, mixproof valves run a time-based seat lifting cycle to clean valve seats and intermediate cavity. LEFF® is the smarter, more efficient way: The name stands for Low Emission Flip Flop – the valve opens in a pulsating mode, controlled by path-measuring instead of fixed intervals. This increases the intensity of flushing and effectively shortens flushing times for water and chemicals.

LEFF® function integrated in GEA T.VIS A-15 control top


LEFF® Function - Low Emission Flip-Flop

Reducing water consumption is a key priority in sustainable production. GEA’s electronic LEFF function can save more than 90% water and cleaning agents during valve seat cleaning.
Small changes, big impact

FLOW4YOU - Sustainability

Small changes, big impact.

Small changes can make a big impact on the environment and our future. Discover flow components from GEA and take part in creating a better world.
Valve and plant automation


Valve and plant automation

The degree of automation in production systems in the food, dairy, pharma and beverage industries is ever on the rise. In the course of the fast digital development towards Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, digital control tops are becoming indispensable components of future process plants.
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