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GEA Flow Components Service

GEA Service for Pumps, Valves and Cleaners

Your process is going strong & your plant is performing at full capacity? At GEA, we want it to stay that way every day. That’s why we don’t just build the best components for our customers, but also offer competent, reliable maintenance for all your GEA equipment over the entire life of the plant. It’s yet another great reason to choose GEA!

Our GEA Service specialists are based in our research and production centers and know our Valves and Pumps like no one else. This enables them to master every service call scheduled either for the normal maintenance or to fix the fault in minimum time and with minimum effort – So that you can resume production as soon as possible.

Our Service offer means a relief for your entire organization. We offer wide range of Services for you to maintain your components – from implementation to inspections, repairs and upgrades. Or we can professionally train your employees and make them your own in-house experts for your GEA equipment.

Get original spare parts from GEA & ensure high reliability and safety – dedicated contacts are ready to help you with your order. In case if we receive the maintenance Service request from you then the spare parts also come with us to your location.

Take advantage of our wide range of consulting and support Services. That way you can be sure your components are optimally adjusted to your individual process and plant conditions and to sustainable use. Customized Service level agreements facilitates schedule management and cost overview. In summary, this means for you, as our motto says: "Flow on, stress off."

Always on the safe side

GEA original gaskets

Always on the safe side

Protect your product and your plant with GEA original gaskets.
Service videos hygienic pumps

Service videos

GEA Hygienic pumps

Watch our service videos and learn the individual steps of pump maintenance.
Service videos hygienic valves

Service videos

GEA Hygienic valves

Watch our service videos and learn the individual steps of valve maintenance.

GEA Service – for your continued success

Getting you started

We support you with service training (in-house/onsite), installation & commissioning and deliver Genuine Spare Parts from OEM.

Keeping it running

Maintenance of your Valves & Pumps, On-Site Technical Support, GEA Repair Workshop and Remote Support.

Constantly improving

Upgrades and conversions your plant.

Together with you

Service Level Agreement

Hygienic valves & components

Hygienic valves & components

Hygienic valves from GEA form the core component of matrix-piped process plants. Thanks to a pioneering valve concept that sets standards for its flexibility, as well as the latest control and automation functions, our valves...

Hygienic pumps

Hygienic pumps

GEA Hilge offers a versatile range of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for a wide variety of sensitive applications in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Aseptic valves & components

Aseptic valves & components

Aseptic valves face exceptionally high demands within UltraClean and Aseptic processes. You can be assured that they all provide highest quality in terms of hygienic design and sustainability.

Cleaning Technology

Cleaning technology

The portfolio comprises different types of cleaning devices, such as orbital, rotating and static cleaners, to achieve the optimum cleaning result for different applications. Cleaning technology products can be found working...

FLOW4YOU - GEA Flow components

FLOW4YOU - Together we achieve more.

Flow components

Thanks to a committed and experienced team that absolutely prioritises a spirit of innovation, extensive expertise, a love of technical detail and reliable service, GEA Flow Components keeps your production flowing with its comprehensive array of innovative and high-quality components in the four areas of hygienic valves, hygienic pumps, aseptic valves and cleaners.
GEA Tuchenhagen Service Team

Life cycle service

GEA Service – For your continued success

We work alongside our customers in close partnership, supporting them throughout the full life cycle of their plant and equipment to ensure lasting business success.
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