Energizing pharma with GEA Flow components

GEA Flow Components

Pumps, valves and tank cleaners for hygienic and efficient production

To succeed in global competition, the pharmaceutical industry and its contract manufacturers must produce as cost-effectively as possible – without losing sight of reliability and safety. As a plant operator, the goal is to maintain the purity and consistency of your product, in particular sterile pharmaceuticals. GEA flow components are valuable tools to help you achieve reproducible, hygienic production and increase plant availability and efficiency at the same time.

Our FDA- and GMP-compliant components stand for maximum cleanability with minimum effort. Each pump, valve or tank cleaner is characterized by our uncompromising hygienic design without gaps or dead spaces and with adequate materials. Hygienic design results in safe and easy cleaning of all wetted component parts, reliably preventing organic and inorganic contamination. This also means shorter CIP and sanitation times, increasing your productivity and sustainable use of resources.

In addition, sophisticated engineering makes commissioning, automated operation and maintenance of our components as easy as possible for you – ensuring faster start-up, exceedingly accurate processing and fewer process interruptions.

Energizing Pharma with GEA Flow components

Expert knowledge

Selecting valves and pumps for pharmaceutical process applications

The guidelines given here can help plant planners and operators to balance the goals of hygienic safety and economic efficiency. Suitable equipment, available options and business advantages are explained based on components taken from the comprehensive GEA pumps and valves portfolio.
Pharma Process Landscape

Process scheme

Pharma process landscape

Our pharma process landscape visualizes a production process from the scale-up to the syringe and gives guidance on where to use which valve arrays and pumps for the individual transfer task.
GEA Valve technology for Pharma and Biopharma applications

Valve technology for pharma and biopharma applications

GEA Valves to prevent any ingress of microorganisms into sterile processes

GEA Hilge sterile pharma pumps

Hygienic Pumps for pharma and biopharma applications

Consult us for the right pumps to handle sterile steam and CIP fluid or other sensitve media.


Cleaning technology for pharma applications

Cleaners - simple in design, effective in performance, chemical resistant, meeting all essential FDA, USDA and 3A material and design requirements.

Magnetic Unit Aseptomag® MAS H

Components for safe and secure pharma applications

Be on the safe side with the right measurement devices, lock-out, tag-out solutions and magnetic separator.

FLOW4YOU - GEA Flow components

FLOW4YOU - Together we achieve more.

Flow components

Thanks to a committed and experienced team that absolutely prioritises a spirit of innovation, extensive expertise, a love of technical detail and reliable service, GEA Flow Components keeps your production flowing with its comprehensive array of innovative and high-quality components in the four areas of hygienic valves, hygienic pumps, aseptic valves and cleaners.

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