Revolutionizing cow welfare with CattleEye

A New Era in Lameness Detection

Revolutionizing cow welfare with CattleEye

Improving animal welfare through connectivity & digitalization is our focus. Together with sustainability and flexibility it creates the foundation for next generation farming.

Lameness is a common problem in dairy farms with far-reaching consequences. In addition to reduced animal well-being and high veterinary costs, affected cows are also less productive. Furthermore, lameness negatively affects reproductive performance and increases the risk of subsequent diseases for the individual animal. Hoof diseases and associated lameness are one of the most common causes of premature exits - and thus a major financial risk factor for farms overall.

Early and reliable identification of animal health metrics such as lameness score is crucial. Therefore, it is essential that farmers have access to advanced tools and technologies that enable early detection and intervention. By proactively addressing lameness issues, farmers can optimize herd health, minimize financial losses, and elevate their health management to the next level.

In an exciting development for the dairy industry, GEA has acquired CattleEye to offer a new digital Solution to detect and treat lameness in dairy cattle. With the help of artificial intelligence, Farmers can now take countermeasures at an early stage.

Innovating Lameness Detection for Enhanced Dairy Cow Welfare

CattleEye AI Solution

For lameness detection, a 2D camera is installed in the barn near a selection gate with an RFID reader or a milking system with detection. This camera captures and monitors the cows' movement patterns as they leave the milking parlor. The associated CattleEye software then analyzes this data for any irregularities in the animals' movement patterns and flags them in the system. This data can then be accessed at any time via the app on the smartphone and tablet as well as on the PC. In this way, impending or already occurred lameness can be automatically identified and treated in time.

CattleEye, consisting of a camera and software, is available to all GEA customers worldwide who use DairyPlan. It can be integrated into various types of barns and works not only with GEA milking tech-nology but also with many other common milking parlor types and herd management programs on the market.

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Transforming Dairy Farming with Artificial intelligence

Our innovative solution combines advanced AI and a 2D camera to redefine lameness detection.

CattleEye Mobility Score

Enhancing Herd Health for Dairy Farmers

This solution has been specially developed for farmers worldwide to optimize the well-being and productivity of their herds.

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