Our best ingredient: Sustainability

Sustainable separation solutions for the dairy industry

Learn more about why sustainability is not just a trend for us, but has a long tradition that is constantly being recreated.

Our best ingredient: Sustainability

GEA Separation – a powerful partner to the dairy industry since 1893

At GEA Separation, sustainability has a long tradition that is constantly being recreated.

Mechanical separation technology from GEA has characterized the dairy industry from the outset. Experiences gained over the course almost 130 years form the basis for production lines and processes which set new standards. Today, dairies profit more than ever from our unique

experience and innovative strength. Our constant companion and drive here has always been sustainability – with the goal of always finding new solutions and incorporating them into the design and further development of our products, processes and services.

This is why sustainability is our best ingredient  and it can make the difference in choosing GEA.

Sustainable at heart

Sustainable at heart

Sustainability is an integral part of all our products and solutions, it just often happens hidden and in detail – we want to make it tangible and measurable for you!

Discover what's on offer for you in the areas of machine design & features, process design & monitoring and auxiliary equipment & side streams

Sustainability shapes your business

Sustainability shapes your dairy business

Whether global player, family business or startup: Sustainable manufacturing contributes to the quality and image of your products and is thus one of your most important KPIs. 

Make sustainability the starting point for further growth!
We support you in achieving your goals in a comprehensible, transparent and continuously reproducible manner.

Trendsetting and sustainable: The DNA in every GEA centrifuge

Trendsetting and sustainable: The DNA in every GEA centrifuge

In the spotlight

At Anuga FoodTec 2022, GEA presented new possibilities and potentials that centrifugal separation technology offers for the food industry, particularly the dairy sector. From new compact and efficient skids for small to medium scale applications to innovative sustainability features: GEA’s separation technology solutions will safeguard tomorrow's food.
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