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Batch Milking

There’s a change happening in the dairy industry, and it’s picking up speed! Farms are getting fewer but bigger – that's what we call farm consolidation. The Challenge: Finding skilled workers for large farms is getting tougher. That's why everyone's talking about "batch milking" these days.

Batch milking is far from new territory for GEA. We have been milking cows in groups and fixed times in regular milking parlors for more than 70 years. And in the last 10 years, we've been showcasing our competence in batch milking with automatic machines. From tailored systems for small herds, to large scale farms, we are offering solutions for all needs.

Tailored solutions for every setup, thanks to our GEA Platform Strategy

Platform strategy

In GEA we leverage our expertise and knowledge to create an efficient and innovative milking process you can rely on long term! For decades, we have dedicated ourselves to refining and investing in our platform strategy, with our proven stall unit serving as the core of innovation.

With this at heart, our automated solutions come in various shapes and options, seamlessly integrating into any barn and setting, catering to the needs of herds of all sizes.

Recognizing the growing importance of automatic batch milking, we are continually developing and enhancing solutions to make the process as easy and efficient as possible relying on our trusted technology.

Stay tuned for our new innovations in 2024!

Customer Insights: Real experiences, lasting impact

Gain insights directly from our customers as they share their experiences with our automatic batch milking solutions and find out more about the benefits of batch milking.

Batch milking with DairyRobot

Spain: El Bruguer - 300 Cows with 8 Dairy Robots

Discover the future of dairy farming as El Bruguer farm in Barcelona became the first Farm in Spain to adopt the automatic Batch Milking system with 8 GEA DairyRobots. Owner Josep Masramón shares why he chose this innovative approach, how his team and his 300 cows are adapting, and the business advantages it brings.

China: No limits - but solutions. GEAs largest fully automatic milking carousel in the world.

Our DairyProQ installation in China housing 2 x 80 point automatic rotaries, is our largest automatic batch milking system globally. The farmer currently milks >5.000 cows with a goal to grow this considerably.

With visions into a pioneering future of automatic group milking.

We proudly look back on an inspiring decade of automatic group milking, in which we have been able to inspire numerous satisfied customers around the world, by creating customized solutions for individual needs. But this is just the beginning of our journey!

Join us and become part of Next Generation Farming!

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