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Sometimes we prefer to add taste to the water that we drink. Whether it is a fruit or a non-fruit flavored drink, it should still give the body proper hydration.

The still drinks segment of the overall drinks market is vast in size and relatively heterogeneous. It comprises juice drinks with low fruit content, sport drinks that are isotonic, hypotonic or hypertonic, and functional beverages that are enriched with vitamins, mineral salts, and auto-oxidizing molecules. Emerging product categories such as functional beverages have highly specific process requirements. 

GEA offers processing solutions from individual flow meters to in-line analysis equipment, and from blending systems to water deaeration of CIP (cleaning-in-place) equipment, together with pasteurization plant and sugar dissolving stations.  GEA’s portfolio of technology for the still drinks segment also covers traditional, ESL, hot fill and aseptic bottling lines, from blow molding machines to palletizers, for the finished beverage packaging.

GEA processing units for non-alcoholic beverage production

Advanced beverage processing with GEA process units

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Dedicated to working with customers to overcome their processing challenges, we can help you to build quality into your processes, adjust key parameters to drive your critical quality attributes to the required target levels and bring new products to market in a quick and efficient way.

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