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Consumers are turning to ready-to-drink (RTD) teas and coffees as a tasty, convenient option for on-the-go refreshment with our favorite brews. Traditionally dominated by juices, sodas and water, the refrigerator shelves in supermarkets and other retail outlets now boast a global diversity of RTD teas and coffees that offer authentic and innovative tastes for any time of day. Natural ingredients, new flavors and a healthy spin appeal to every age group. One recent report estimates that the global RTD tea and coffee market will continue to grow steadily and reach US$ 116.13 billion by 2024.

Backed by extensive industry knowhow our safe, hygienic components and equipment combine environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient processing with the flexibility to let our customers grow and expand their product ranges. Working hand-in-hand with RTD tea and coffee producers around the world, GEA takes care of every plant detail, whatever the process, product line or capacity. GEA technologies are designed to be versatile so that our customers can easily switch between recipes, expand production and process new ingredients and formulations. Investing in GEA technologies gives our customers confidence to expect the highest process performance, for the lifespan of the plant. 

GEA portfolio of technologies spans:

  • raw materials reception and handling
  • brewing/extraction, fermenting, sifting, clarification and concentration
  • mixing, blending and thermal treatment
  • aseptic and non-aseptic filling and packaging
  • CIP and process control 

We focus on developing solutions that save energy, resources and materials, and maximize the value that our customers can derive from their investments. Choose GEA automation and analytics solutions and we can tailor a user-friendly combination of hardware and software that will ensure the most efficient, reproducible processing, take the guesswork and errors out of manual operation and make recipe switching hassle free. Our clean-in-place (CIP) systems reduce water and detergent use while meeting the most stringent hygiene requirements. Faster, more effective cleaning means shorter down time and delays switching between products and frees up operators to focus on other key activities. Installing intelligent plant automation to track and adjust key working parameters along the complete process can ensure maximum yield and product quality from valuable ingredients and ultimately reduce total cost of ownership, thereby maximizing return on investment. 

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