Great cider comes from great plants

Great cider comes from great plants
Produced from the fermented juice of apples and pears (and, occasionally, other fruits such as berries), the cider production process is almost identical to that used to make beer, which means that the same equipment used to produce beer can also be used to produce cider.
Cider, cidre, sidra

However you say it, as a global leader in brewery technologies, GEA has decades of experience designing and configuring individual components, process systems and complete turnkey solutions for all types of cider. We work hand-in-hand with customers to tailor and deliver complete greenfield projects from inception to commissioning, as well as tailored upgrades, expansions and new cider lines that integrate seamlessly with your existing brewery infrastructures.

Providing a total cider processing solution

GEA technologies work perfectly together to speed up commissioning and help to keep your cider production lines operating at maximum efficiency, and with fewer bottlenecks and delays. All of our systems are built to match even the most stringent hygienic standards, so you can be confident of safe, high-quality processing at every stage. 

Our expertise extends to identifying every energy-saving and energy-management opportunity

Gentle handling of raw ingredients gives you the confidence of precisely controlled, reproducible brewing, from arrival of your apples to downstream fermentation. Where possible our solutions include smart process control and automation, and resource-saving CIP to maximize precision and accuracy, reduce waste, and help prevent unwanted, costly delays. Reduced product loss and increased yield with less use of energy, water and expensive ingredients all help to improve sustainability, productivity and cost-effectiveness and ultimately profits. GEA technologies span all key stages of processing

  • Reception, handling, storage and treatment
  • Media preparation
  • Fermentation
  • Downstream processing
  • Final product mixing and blending
  • Palletizing and depalletizing
Craft cider

From hop-infused to fruit flavored blends, GEA offers an innovative portfolio of systems for small-scale craft and specialty cideries.

GEA’s know-how and expertise gives you a head start

Talk to GEA to find out more about our global centers of excellence, where our experts can help you to test and fine tune new and existing processes and scale up on our equipment before investing in industrial-scale systems.

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