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IBC Post Hoists

The GEA range of post hoists offers a versatile lifting and handling solution, combining robust, GMP construction with a clean and modular design.

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Safety First

Safety is a critical aspect of any lifting equipment; the GEA Post Hoist has been designed with absolute operator safety in mind. The hoists use a robust rack and pinion lifting mechanism rated at four times the working load of the hoist, thus eliminating the risk associated with chain breakages. 

The lifting drive is an electric ‘braked’ motor. Should utilities be lost, the load will remain in the same position; any risk of carriage slipping is prevented. The operator interface panel is mounted on the rear of the column and operates on a ‘hold-to-run' principle, ensuring operator safety.

GMP Design

The electric motor lift drive removes the need for hydraulic lifts (and the non-GMP issues associated with hydraulic devices). The lift motor is mounted on the carriage, not at the top of the column, making routine maintenance much easier.


The control system is simple and user friendly. Simple push buttons control the raising and lowering operations and, for more sophisticated requirements, a Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC/HMI control system is available. For high lift or slow speed docking operations, an inverter can be added to provide a variable speed drive. This allows for fast lifting operations and allows the carriage to stop at controlled speeds.

Modular Design

A ranges of Lifting Carriages is available for the GEA's Post Hoist. For IBC lifting operations, standard Forks allow the IBC to be securely lifted and accurately aligned.

If the IBC needs to be inverted to be filled through its outlet valve, the IBC Inverting Carriage can be fitted. 

And, by fitting the IBC Blending Carriage, the Post Hoist can be used as a blender, offering the same blending efficiency as the Pedestal range of blenders. 

Further, the IBC Weighing Carriage allows the IBC to be lifted to a filling point and aligned with a BUCK® Valve to facilitate dynamic weighing of the IBC as it is filled. The column can either be static mounted or positioned on a slewing base to allow the carriage to be swiveled over the inlet of a downstream process container. Slewing can be either manual or electrically driven.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows gravity discharge from an IBC to a downstream pharmaceutical process, eliminating the need for vacuum conveying
  • Lifts and holds IBC directly above the process machine: no need for a discharge station
  • Electrical braked motor
  • No hydraulics
  • Fully enclosed column and drive motors
  • Robust mechanical construction
  • IBC forks for secure and accurate lifting and docking
  • IBC inverting option
  • Validation documentation
  • Two speed lifting drive
  • User friendly control system.


IBC Post Hoists are used for many handling applications within the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Common applications include lifting IBCs over the inlet of processing equipment, lifting IBCs up to dock with filling equipment, and as IBC Blenders.
IBC Post Hoist

IBC Discharge

The most common use for the Post Hoist is lifting an IBC for discharge over the inlet of a down stream process, i.e. a granulator or a tablet press. The Forks on the standard Lifting Carriage accurately aligns the IBC to ensure a positive docking operation. The variable speed lifting motor allows for a fast lifting operation, with a slow docking speed.
IBC Filling

For filling applications - from a dispensary or granulation equipment on the floor above, the Post Hoist is used to lift the receiving IBC up to dock with the Buck® Valve. Where different heights of IBCs need to be handled, the Post Hoist is ideal for lifting the smaller IBCs to dock with the Buck® Valve. The IBC Weighing Carriage allows the weight of the IBC to be measured as it is filled. Controls and interlocks for the Buck® Valve are managed through the Post Hoist control system.

Milling & Blending
Post Hoist

If carrying out blending functions on the Post Hoist, the blender has the versatility to carry out discharge operations directly after blending. A common application is to allow blended material to be discharged through a mill or sieve into a receiving IBC. The IBC is aligned and clamped on the IBC Blending Carriage, before being docked with the Buck® Valve on the inlet of the Mill. Controls and interlocks for the Buck® Valve are managed through the Post Hoist control system.

Technical Details

GEA’s Post Hoists are reliable, safe and compliant, and an ideal solution for your IBC handling requirements.
IBC Post Hoist
Post Hoists can be used for a range of handling applications in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, including lifting IBCs over processing equipment inlets, lifting IBCs to dock with filling equipment and as IBC blenders. Equipped with Forks for secure and accurate lifting and docking, our Post Hoists benefit from robust mechanical construction and fully enclosed column and drive motors. As the IBC is held directly above the downstream process machine or vessel, gravity discharge can be used, eliminating the need for “through the floor” discharge stations and vacuum conveying systems. We also offer a failsafe and stress-free clamping system for inversion and blending modules and supplies the Post Hoist with a user-friendly control system and validation documentation.
Utility Data
PL400    PL900PM1600
Electrial Power220-240V 3 Ph 60 Hz or 380-415V 3 Ph 50 Hz
Lift Motor1.5 kW2.2 kW3.0 kW
Slew Motor0.12 kW0.12 kW0.12 kW
Pneumatics6 Barg supply pressure
Pneumatics for slewing position lock3 L/sec3 L/sec3 L/sec
Pneumatics for vibration10 L/sec10 L/sec10 L/sec
Pneumatics for butterfly valve actuation3 L/sec3 L/sec3 L/sec
Power Lift
IBC SizeSize 2/3/4Size 4Size 4/5
Safe Working Load400 kg900 kg1600 kg
Lift Speed4 m/min for last lifting/lowering 
1 m/min for controlled docking
Standard Column Height3.8 m
Fixingfloorfloorfloor & ceiling
Reach1450 mm from the centre of column to the centre of the IBC
Cable Connection Pointtop of column
Control Systemcolumn mounted controls with push buttons and pilot lamps
Manual Slew 300° slew angle with pneumatic slew lock
Powered Slew 300° slew angle with position sensors
IBC Outlet Valve (Butterfly Valve) Actuator
IBC External Vibrator with housing pocket on forks
Vibroflow™ Motor
Additional Height (up to 6 m)111
Non-standard Pick-up Forks

1 complete with ceiling fixing
● standard       ○ optional      -- not available

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