World Milk Day 2023

Sustainable solutions for the dairy industry

Innovative ideas for a more sustainable future: We have developed solutions for manufacturers of all sizes that help save energy and water, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and cut waste and emissions.

Sustainable GEA solutions for the dairy industry – Celebrating World Milk Day 2023
With a small add-on unit for separator cooling, private dairy Naarmann now saves more than 1 million liters of water per year.

Climate-friendlier production: Make every drop matter

On its continuous path to sustainable processing, Private Dairy Naarmann now saves more than 1 million liters of water per year with a small add-on unit for separator cooling.

GEA OptiPartner Prozessoptimierung

Milking digitalization: Spray drying the sustainable way

GEA OptiPartner is a digital advanced process control solution that continually monitors and fine tunes key working parameters of your spray dryer to keep the process efficient and stable, and help cut overall energy consumption,...

Next-generation farming for a better world

Next generation farming for a better world

Climate protection and sustainability in dairy farming: How do we deliver nutritious, safe and reliable food for an increasing population with as little environmental impact as possible?

SEnS-ibler Ansatz zur Energienutzung

A SEnS-ible approach to energy usage in cheese production

GEA’s unique Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SEnS) specifically help a food processor reduce its energy footprint and running costs while also improving productivity.

GEA Smart Filtration CIP & Flush

Sustainable CIP operations with GEA Smart Filtration Flush & CIP

Reduce your electrical power usage and water consumption of your membrane filtration process without compromising the effectiveness of your cleaning process.

Mit GEA Aero im Vorteil – Saudi-Arabien

Operational flexibility: The Aero Advantage

Whitebloc Filling System Aero helps a liquid dairy producer of high-quality premium products outpace competition in the Middle East's dynamic beverage market

Hygienische und aseptische Ventile und Komponenten für anspruchsvolle Molkereiprozesse

Hygienic and aseptic valves for perfect delights

An almost infinite variety of adaptable hygienic valve types ensures the essential safety of the product as well as the required sustainability of the process from the raw milk to the finished product.

We Did It Your Whey

Thinking along the whole process line: We did it your whey

GEA's IDEAL Whey separation concept has been winning awards and is a further milestone in the development of self-optimizing centrifuges. Due to the modular setup, customers can use exactly the features that bring added value...

GEA AddCool pilot plant

GEA AddCool makes spray drying more energy friendly

GEA AddCool heat pump technology boosts waste heat energy to preheat the spray dryer air, which can reduce by up to 50% the fossil fuel needs and primary energy consumption of the plant, and potentially halve carbon footpri...

Discover how GEA technologies are helping our dairy customers around the world make great-tasting and nutritious foods for diverse global and niche markets. Stop by and stay up-to-date with news about innovations, stories and events around our offerings along the complete dairy process chain.

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