Every drop counts...

The thirst for water is growing – in communities, industry and agriculture. Megatrends such as the ever increasing global population and urbanisation are making sure of this. But fresh water is a rare commodity on our planet: only around 1% is directly available.

Demand for water by 2030

In order to meet this demand in a sustainable way, more efficient water management is required. This applies to waste water treatment and sludge treatment in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants, as it does in agriculture.

GEA – decades of expertise as a sludge specialist in the waste water business.

To meet these challenges, we have developed the GEA environmental Decanters which you can use to turn sludge, manure and fermentation residue into a recyclable resource to generate energy and reusable material – with the best possible yields.

GEA environmental Decanter pro

Pro decanter hall
  • Standardised machine configuration for plug & play integration in processes with little need for adjustments
  • Excellent performance, economical investment and lifecycle costs
  • Output range: 1 m3/h – 120 m3/h

GEA environmental Decanter prime

Prime decanter hall
Whether in municipalities, industry or agriculture, the GEA environmental Decanter lines guarantee process results which ensure economical system operation.
  • Can be flexibly configured for highly complex preparation processes with individual requirements and large capacities
  • Optimum performance possible
  • Output range: 15 m3/h – 300 m3/h

Whether in municipalities, industry or agriculture, the GEA environmental Decanter lines pro and prime guarantee process results which ensure economical system operation.

“Design to needs” based on German engineering ingenuity

Developed following extensive market analyses, GEA biosolids, sludge and manure decanters in the pro and prime designs offer efficient, economical solutions for communities, industry and agriculture.

In environmental technology, machines and process technologies from GEA enjoy a distinguished reputation all over the world: for example for cost-optimised, energy and resource-conserving sludge thickening, and pre and post-drainage.

GEA environmental Decanter lines – safeguarding our resources

GEA – 125 years of excellent German engineering

GEA is an international technology group and one of the world’s largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries, such as environmental technology, with a focus on sludge treatment. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions which combine environmental protection with high social benefits and cost effectiveness. We call it “engineering for a better world

Protect, feed, power

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