Carbonation of refreshing beer mix نظام الكربنة DICAR-B™

The GEA carbonating system type DICAR-B™ has been designed for continuous high-accuracy carbonation of beer and beer mix. It is mainly applied in the brewing industry.

The system mainly consists of the following components:

  • Saturator and saturating pipe section 
  • In-line CO2-meter 
  • CO2-monitoring valve 
  • Operating unit

The CO2 content required for the beverage is set on the operator's control and display unit. Via the saturator CO2 is added to the product and dispersed to permit a physical absorption in the following saturating pipe section. The actual CO2 content is checked by the CO2 meter at the end of the saturating pipe section. The controller causes a permanent setpoint-to-actual value comparison and a respective adjustment of the control valve for CO2.

For monitoring the product, the carbonating system can be completed by some analyzers (e.g. for original gravity or alcohol content).


Special Features

Single-stage carbonation up to the saturation value
  • Measurement of the CO2 content in the product 
  • Direct control of the CO2 content 
  • CO2-dissolution by means of a special jet nozzle 
  • Easy operation 
  • Compact factory-tested unit 
  • Possible combination with the original gravity optimizing system type DICON-B™ to a compact unit type DIMIX-B™

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