Endurlon® guiding strips

Give your CookStar longer life and more productivity with Endurlon spiral oven guiding strips.

Do you want to extend the service intervals of your GEA CookStar? Reduce your maintenance costs? Improve hygiene? Now you can with Endurlon spiral oven guiding strips.

Reduced maintenance and better hygiene

Endurlon is a new material that lasts up to 4 times longer than other materials, such as Teflon. It’s tougher, with low friction and lower wear rate. This all leads to less downtime and improved productivity of your spiral oven. What’s more, Endurlon is blue, so it is instantly recognizable.

Longer life, less maintenance

The guiding strips support the belt that transports the food through the spiral oven. They are subjected to extreme temperatures and high-speed frictional forces throughout their operational lives. They wear over time and must be replaced regularly, depending on production conditions such as food products, recipe set up, temperature and the speed of the belt. 

GEA Endurlon guiding strips will last up to four times longer. This results in reducing maintenance costs and service time of your equipment significantly.

Improved hygiene

The Endurlon guiding strips also have an improved sanitary design which reduces the chance to attract dirt during operation.  Next to that, reduced wear means that scrapings are less likely to get into the food area.  Endurlon is blue, so any food contamination is easy to detect and remove.

Retrofit program to suit any CookStar

We can easily equip recent CookStar ovens with the new material during scheduled servicing. We may need to replace the rails to accommodate the new cross-sectional shape if your machine is older, . All CookStar versions are taken into account to your benefit. 

Get in touch with us to discover the options. 

Endurlon spiral oven guiding strips at a glance:

  • Up to four times the operational life of Teflon
  • Significantly reduces service intervals
  • Lower friction promotes lower energy consumption
  • Reduced risk of contamination and dirt 
  • Blue color for easy recognition
  • Retrofit program to suit any GEA CookStar oven
  • Fast return on investment

Endurlon is registered as a trademark in several countries worldwide.

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