Quality juicing of fruits and vegetables under vacuum

GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter

GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter for industrial juicing of niche products as well as for small and mid-sized juice producers.

GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter 100

This patented extraction process using vacuum is now available from GEA and offers a nearly unrivalled high end product quality. The GEA vaculiq system has been designed as a mobile compact unit with minimum space requirements. It can be cleaned with minimum manual impact. 

Juicing under vacuum is a very smooth pressing process which prevents oxidization of the fruits and juice

The valuable compounds like secondary plant metabolites, vitamins, polyphenols etc. are protected enabling the retention of fresh taste.

GEA vaculiq provides high yields of up to 80 percent and can be used for nearly all kinds of fruits with minimal adaption.  The movable skid solution can be used at any location and is suitable for food applications such as juices, mustard, baby nutrition.

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