GEA EffiClean

EffiClean In-situ disk cleaning for centrifuges in mineral oil applications

Clean Disks in 20 Minutes

You know how tedious the process of manually cleaning a centrifuges disk stack is. Sometimes eight hours or even more is lost along with precious labor time. Plus the added risk of disk damage due to improper cleaning procedures.

GEA has the right solution for you

With GEA EffiClean in situ cleaning solution you will save precious maintenance time, increased centrifuge reliability, availability and efficiency. GEA EffiClean is specially designed for cleaning centrifuges in the world of Marine, Oil & Gas and Energy.

Itcombines an innovative cleaning trolley, a ­highly efficient cleaning agent with an easy-to-handle process.

Clean disks in 20 minutes

GEA EffiClean before and after

On-site tests have proven, that after only 20 minutes of semi-automated cleaning inside the running machine, the centrifuges disks are thoroughly cleaned and ready to deliver best separation performance.

The EffiClean Unit

GEA EffiClean CIP unit

The GEA EffiClean unit contains all components, tools & accessories, ready to use.

  • Compact stainless steel construction (0.5 × 0.8 m, 70 kg)
  • Integrated 70 l tank ready for all GEA mineral oil centrifuges
  • Automated dosage & mixing directly out of the delivered EffiClean 1090 container
  • No manual chemicals handling required

GEA EffiClean 1090 Agent

EffiClean Can

The highly efficient, yet environmental friendly GEA EffiClean 1090 provides advanced, easy cleaning performance.

  • Best cleaning results in only 20 minutes
  • Biodegradable components
  • No transport limitations
  • Material compatibility tested under strenuous conditions
  • Cleaning efficiency tested in tough conditions
  • 10 % concentrate – only 2.5 l needed for an OSE80 / OSD60 / OSC50 cleaning

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