Multi-Functional Centrifuges for Small and Mid-sized Cideries

Multi-Functional Centrifuges for Small and Mid-sized Cideries

This versatile GEA equipment has a variety of applications in the cidery. Each application benefits the cidery by improving the consistency of the product, minimizing product losses, accelerating production time and, ultimately, increasing profitability. In fact, the payback for this equipment has proven to quickly justify the investment.

Sistemas montados em centrífugas para cervejarias artesanais e produtores de cidra disponíveis em quatro tamanhos

Greater yield from the same resources

  • 5 to 10 percent more cider from the same amount of raw ingredients 
  • Same amounts of cider processed with decisively reduced less energy and hours of work
  • Multi-purpose applications in the cidery to take your business to the next level

Four GEA Centrifuge Skids for cideries

The four GEA centrifuge skids for cideries are equipped with the patented hydry® ejection system. The solids ejected with this system are concentrated to a maximum: more beer from each brew. To prevent oxygen pick-up all machines are equipped with a maintenance-free hydrohermetic sealing. GEA always ensures highly gentle handling of products with their hydrosoft feed system. All skids come with a simple-to-operate control module. Each fully automated, stand-alone skid is ready for instant integration into your existing piping matrix.

Cuts down production times

GEA centrifuge skids for cideries optimize optimize all clarification steps. Centrifugation multiplies the clarifying power of natural gravity, thus saving production time and allowing a faster route to market.

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