Packaged Reciprocating Compressor Systems GEA Grasso V series packages

Single- and two-stage reciprocating compressor packages

The GEA Grasso V series packages can be divided in single and two stage. The single stage reciprocating compressor packages of the GEA Grasso V series include 7 sizes in V-belt as well as direct drive execution in a capacity range from 150 to 900 kW. The two-stage reciprocating compressor packages include 7 sizes in V-belt as well as direct drive execution in a capacity range from 50 to 300 kW. For the two-stage reciprocating compressor packages, high efficient and compact inter-stage coolers are available.

Special Features

These series are ”State of Art”. The newly designed compressor with automatic indication of the required service intervals by means of the revolutionary GEA Maintenance Monitor are well received by the market as “the choice for the future”. Due to the extreme low oil carryover the oil separator is often left out to safe costs and engine room space.

Constructive characteristics

  • Flexible and extended maintenance intervals
  • Lowest possible running cost
  • Extreme low oil carry-over
  • For rigid or spring-damper mounting
  • Latest V belt technology
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GEA Omni™ 補強パネル

GEA はイノベーション、リーダーシップ、精密工学ソリューションと同義です。GEA Omni™ 補強パネルはこの伝統を発展させるものです。高解像度のマルチタッチスクリーンを搭載する GEA Omni™ は、GEA のお客様が期待するような使いやすさと技術的なワウ ファクターを備えています。


PR-OLEO® Premium-Quality Ammonia Refrigeration Oils

PR-OLEO® 潤滑剤は、超高純度の基油と添加物を活用することで、一般的なアンモニア冷凍機油に優る重要な利点をもたらし、工場操業の効率化に貢献します。

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