Packaged screw compressor systems GEA GLX series

The GEA XSeries™ Compressor Package

Model GLX 739 to 6083 CFM

Package features:

  • Optimized rotor profile manufactured with the latest CBN (cubic boron nitrid) grinding technology for improved volumetric efficiency and lower power consumption
  • 5:6 male to female lobe ratio for improved bearing load distribution, lower noise generation, and better bhp/ton performance
  • Patented flow-optimized suction inlet improves volumetric efficiency and reduces noise
  • Double-acting hydraulic capacity control, infinitely adjustable from 10% to 100% for premium part load operation
  • GEA Omni™ control panel

Available GEA XSeries Options:

  • Liquid injection oil cooling provides reduced field piping, precise discharge temperature control and low discharge pressure operation for lower operating costs
  • External oil cooling with OMC temperature control valve: Thermosyphon, Water-cooled, Glycol-cooled
  • Dual oil filters
  • Variable speed operation:
    Variable frequency drive with or without solid state backup
    Motor bearing electrical discharge machining prevention
    Microfiber drive end shaft grounding ring
    Insulated non-drive end bearing
  • Compressor and motor vibration monitoring system
  • System controls
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GEA Omni™ 補強パネル

GEA はイノベーション、リーダーシップ、精密工学ソリューションと同義です。GEA Omni™ 補強パネルはこの伝統を発展させるものです。高解像度のマルチタッチスクリーンを搭載する GEA Omni™ は、GEA のお客様が期待するような使いやすさと技術的なワウ ファクターを備えています。


PR-OLEO® Premium-Quality Ammonia Refrigeration Oils

PR-OLEO® 潤滑剤は、超高純度の基油と添加物を活用することで、一般的なアンモニア冷凍機油に優る重要な利点をもたらし、工場操業の効率化に貢献します。

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