24-Inch Hydraulic Disc Injector

Pressurized discs that work independently on any types of soil.

The tool bar with hydraulic discs injects liquid manure in all types of soil at a minimum speed of 5 mph (8 km/h) and a maximum depth of 6" (15 cm). Each disc injector is connected to a hydraulic cylinder to better follow the contour of the field. This means, each injector adapts to uneven ground while maintaining its working depth and not affecting the working depth of the other injectors.

  • 5 000 US gal. (4 163 gal. Imp. / 18 900 l) per acre with 6 discs mounted at 24" (61 cm) center to center.
  • 6 700 US gal. (5 579 gal. Imp. / 25 360 l) per acre with 8 discs mounted at 18" (46 cm) center to center.

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