Excellent hardware is one thing – valuable service another. That’s why GEA also presented its customized service solutions for its broad spectrum of technologies, machines and plants for processing solids and liquids at this year’s POWTECH trade show in Nuremberg.

GEA Rotary Atomizers for atomization of fluid feeds in spray dryers

The GEA Rotary Atomizer for spray dryers is one of the examples for an ideal upgrade from GEA Service. The GEA Rotary Atomizer is available in different versions for different capacities and types of spray dryers. This long-proven upgrade helps to obtain key production parameters, such as, particle size, particle size distribution, density and throughput and complies with all relevant EU directives and harmonized standards.

GEA Rotary Atomizer F100 for high-capacity spray dryers. (GEA)
GEA Rotary Atomizer F100 for high-capacity spray dryers. (GEA)

The GEA Rotary Atomizer F01A with feed rate ranges from 1-10 kg/h is the ideal upgrade for spray dryers processing small quantities of solutions, suspensions or emulsions. More than 2,000 supplied units around the world demonstrate the explicite benefit for universities, research centers, and specialist powder production facilities. The atomizer wheel is about 50 mm diameter; depending on feed type, application and required capacity, a wide range of atomizer wheel types can be selected – channel type, nozzle or pin-wheel type (for non-abrasive feeds) or insert type (for abrasive feeds).

Customers can engineer larger spray drying operations for bulk and fine products with the GEA Rotary Atomizer F100 with a feed rate range from 4-20 t/h. This long-proven and recognized upgrade for spray dryers has a wheel of 210 mm diameter, several wheel types can also be selected depending on customer’s needs.

The GEA Rotary Atomizer F160 for larger spray drying operations for expanded production processes allows feed rate ranges from 5-30t/h. It operates with either a channel-type (for non-abrasive feeds) or an insert-type (for abrasive feeds) wheel of 210, 240 and 320 mm diameter. 

GEA Service also offers the GEA Rotary Atomizer F1.5X, primarily developed for GEA PHARMASD™ spray dryers to meet cGMP requirements and handle a wide range of compounds based on acetone, methylene chloride, ethanol, and other organic solvents in pharmaceutical production. With a wheel diameter of 100 mm the feed rate ranges from 10-250 kg/h.

Working with GEA Service means partnering with a dedicated team of service experts. The focus is to build, maintain, and improve customer performance throughout the entire life cycle of the plant and its equipment. 

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