GEA will present their process expertise, technology leadership and customer-centric services for a wide range of food processing industries at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing fair in Dubai from October 29 – 31, at booth D1-64, A1-64 in hall 1.

Key processing equipment and packaging exhibits will demonstrate the benefits of automation; optimal process control; as well as the efficient use of resources, energy and labor in food manufacturing. GEA’s food processing and packaging equipment and solution lines strive to deliver maximum performance at each stage of the journey from ingredients to a delicious food product.

Highlights at this year’s fair include the new GEA MultiJector 2mm, a new multi-purpose brine injector with flexible needles and the GEA MaxiFormer for the effective production of drum formed meat. The new and award-winning solution for in-line smoking of meat, poultry, seafood and meal components on GEA CookStar spiral oven will be demonstrated to the Asian market for the first time. In the area food packaging, the vertical packaging machine GEA SmartPacker SX400 will be shown and offers convenient and inexpensive means of packaging a wide variety of convenience goods. 

Having acquired the Italian Pavan Group, technology group GEA and Pavan will join forces at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing trade fair for the first time. Pavan, a leading manufacturer of extrusion and milling technology for processing diverse fresh and dry pastas, cereal-based snacks and breakfast cereals, will present its technology know-how to booth visitors. 

Likewise, attendees will get to see the GEA Lab Homogenizer TwinPanda 600. The homogenizer is a small table-top unit designed for continuous operation at high pressure and is the perfect machine for laboratory-scale, high pressure processing of dairy products, fruit juices, liquid food, food additives and ingredients. The RAY PP (Pilot Plant) batch freeze dryer is equally well-suited to small-scale and R&D drying of general food products such as instant coffee, fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, seafood and pet food, as well as very sensitive products such as lactic acid bacteria and enzymes. The new dryer more closely mimics the characteristics of larger industrial plants allowing more accurate scalability to full production.

In-depth knowledge-sharing and experiential sessions

GEA will present a new way of sharing its expertise and experience with visitors at the company’s booth. Customers and interested parties are invited to book a VIP time slot – choosing from among 15 different technology topics which will be presented by GEA experts – which allows them to set the agenda for their personalized in-depth knowledge session. Topics will cover GEA’s diverse expertise in food processing and packaging, beverage, butter making, bakery and pasta extrusion and milling.

Uniform meat injection thanks to unique 2mm OptiFlex needles

MultiJector 2 mm da GEA
MultiJector 2 mm da GEA

The new brine injection system in the GEA MultiJector 2mm is specifically dedicated to precise turkey bacon and poultry processing, for 700 mm wide lines. The system features two millimeter OptiFlex needles – to date only available from GEA – which deliver a tight injection pattern, allowing for exceptional injection accuracy, product quality and consistency. The new equipment is seamlessly integrated within the GEA SuperChill brine chiller and the GEA MultiShaker, which removes excess brine, closes needle marks and activates proteins, ultimately resulting in low standard deviation during production and thus increasing quality, yield and profit.

Rotary drum former with innovative step-filling technique

GEA MaxiFormer
GEA MaxiFormer

The GEA MaxiFormer provides very high production capacity, better consistency and significantly lower operating costs in the production of drum formed meat such as chicken nuggets and burger patties. The step-filling system minimizes the pressure used to fill each cavity carefully and progressively. This, combined with its rigid drum design, reduces wastage, improves filling accuracy, creates a higher quality formed product with excellent shape retention and minimizes down time for cleaning. Its knock-out system uses dry air at high pressure applied only to the relevant cavities, instead of the entire drum.

Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor! – GEA CookStar with SuperHeatSmoke

CookStar SuperHeatSmoke

The third generation GEA CookStar has evolved into a three-phase cooking concept, with the ability to cook any product in virtually any style. Combining the double spiral oven technology with the SuperHeatSmoke, it enables food processors to produce and brand their products with a CleanSmoke label. The smoking process is conducted at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius and uses Red Arrow purified smoke condensate. The technology enables taste and color variation by using smoke condensate with various colors and flavor intensities and by applying smoke in one or both oven sections. Visitors can get acquainted with the new technology via a virtual reality tour which takes them “inside” the CookStar.

Effective vertical packaging solution

SmartPacker SX400 da GEA

GEA’s SmartPacker SX400 packaging machine, which will be shown at Gulfood Manufacturing for packing of dates, can be used for many applications from grated cheese to frozen vegetables, chicken nuggets or dried fruits and is characterized by reliability, cost efficiency and simple operation. This vertical packaging machine is equipped with PTC (Permanent Temperature Control) for polyethylene-based materials and heat-seal for laminated films, while offering variation in formats, ranging from standard flat pillow bags to EasyDoy bags – capable of handling up to 10 kg/bag and 100 bags per minute.

All suppliers on one platform

From greenfield projects to corrective and predictive maintenance and machine and plant performance optimization, GEA digital services give customers new ways to stay a step ahead of the competition. The latest is a cloud-based platform which falls under the umbrella of GEA Advance and which includes all of GEA’s new digital solutions for customers. Created as part of a collaboration with start-up MachIQ, the portal offers customers cutting-edge services such as remote maintenance, data analysis and comprehensive e-commerce solutions. The portfolio will be rounded out with additional offerings such as condition monitoring, PLC connections and video support by the end of 2020. This GEA solution stands out from other comparable industry portals given the new digital cooperation channel is supplier-independent, which means customers are able to integrate all of their supplier interactions into this single platform.

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