The Indonesian ABC Group chooses a range of new equipment from GEA.

GEA has recently secured a contract with the Indonesian ABC Group to supply a EuroClass 800 RE milking system - the first that GEA has supplied in Indonesia. The milking system meets the company’s needs today and has the potential to expand as the company’s dairy herd grows to meet the demands of its developing market place. This is in addition to the supply of a complete UHT and aseptic tank including deaeration, separation and homogenization as well as refrigeration equipment to the company.

Indonesia is experiencing a rapid rise in the demand for milk and milk products which is reflected in the growth of its dairy farming industry. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, per capita consumption of milk is expected to rise to 20 liters in 2020 and again to 30 liters by 2025.

GEA was originally approached by ABC Group over two years ago to supply a stand-alone aseptic filling line to fill PET bottles with shelf-stable UHT milk and drinking yoghurt. As GEA’s new company structure facilitated a great collaboration between all stakeholders, the country organization in Indonesia and the different product groups within GEA identified a range of additional opportunities with the same customer.

Martine Snels, Member of the Executive Board and responsible for GEA’s regions and countries organization, said that it was the new cross-functional teamwork at GEA that allowed this customer relationship to develop, increasing the business for GEA and providing the customer with the convenience of a single source for all its milking and processing equipment. “This project shows the intended customer-focused strengths of the new GEA organization,” she said. “We’ve succeeded in making multiple sales because we’ve worked together benefitting ourselves and our customer.”

Over the last three years GEA has restructured itself to provide a much more homogenous service to its customers worldwide. The principle is for all areas of the GEA business to work closely together to maximize opportunities and produce a totally seamless service to clients in all sectors of industry.

This OneGEA approach is now becoming part of the fabric of GEA with the whole company working as a single identity, leveraging its contacts, expertise and range of market-leading technologies to create new opportunities and provide an even better service for its customers worldwide. This principle is clearly demonstrated by GEA’s recent work with ABC Group in Indonesia.

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