Seven liquid manure spreaders, three power take-off pumps and up to two million gallons of manure pumped per day.

"Work with the toughest"

Yvon Guérard is the owner of "Forfait Somerset", a custom manure hauling company located in Plessisville, Quebec, Canada. Yvon’s father owned a dairy farm in the 1950’s.  Because he always wanted to be efficient, Yvon’s father made a habit of modifying his farm equipment for better performance. When Yvon took over the dairy farm in the early 1980’s, he continued to modify machinery according to his needs, like his father. Yvon’s custom manure application business has grown and become increasingly important, so he chose to build a strong relationship with GEA. Now, his need to modify equipment has been eliminated because of the numerous options available on GEA equipment.

Put to the test by Yvon for 20 years

For more than two decades, Yvon has counted on his GEA equipment to pump up to two million gallons of manure per day. His custom manure hauling company, Forfait Somerset, uses seven liquid manure spreaders and three GEA power take-off pumps to serve dozens of customers. His machinery has to work hard and also be on the road for more than two consecutive weeks during peak seasons. Yvon relies on GEA products because of their reliability and efficiency. Oftentimes, mixing, pumping and spreading manure in the fields could take a whole day of work for a farm operator. With GEA equipment, Forfait Somerset gets the work done in three hours.

With GEA equipment, Forfait Somerset gets the work done in three hours.

Yvon works with GEA equipment because of:

  • its reliability
  • its quality
  • its return on investment

"Why do I always work with GEA equipment? Other companies have inquired, and I tell them in order to change I must have a good reason. If there’s not one, I won’t. In my business, I must be able to go fast, the machinery has to work hard and it must last! When your tank is 14 years old (as mine is) and it is still reliable and efficient, it becomes very cost-effective." - Yvon Guérard, Forfait Somerset, Plessisville, Québec, Canada.