Béatrice’s story

P What does your current role involve?


I am responsible for the development of the whole Latin American region. One of my first tasks is to integrate the new organization in the regional organizations, create clear reporting lines, set up the new processes in a matrix and determine our approach. In the next step, we will collect market intelligence to understand the market, the competition and our position. Then we will develop a mid-term plan that takes into account the product applications that we have identified as being the main ones in Latin America. We are now in a position to take a more global approach, and the synergies created in OneGEA is helping us to generate more business.”  

P What are the main challenges?


We must discover our best paths to success by analyzing the local conditions in detail to gain insights about where our products fit in. GEA’s portfolio of services is unique. But we don’t necessarily have the right competitiveness; our solutions and technologies are not cheap, so we need to understand our customers and adapt our proposals to the needs of the market whilst of course presenting one face to the customers.

P What do you enjoy most about working for GEA?


GEA is a massive organization but it is possible for entrepreneurship to occur on local level. Giving our customers what they want is one of our strengths which is why I like to give our country sales organizations the freedom to develop the business within their areas. Also, there are not many European companies that give you the opportunity to consider the specifics of the region and customize the technologies locally. Last but not least with GEA you can roll back the frontiers, challenge your talents and go beyond your limits.

P Q: What are your ambitions for the future?


To continue to sell technologically advanced products and process solutions. I consider it a must to have a strong team of country managers who can and will make their own decisions. At the same time, I have the methodology and experience to identify market opportunities which I want to share with the country managers, so that we can meet the challenge of understanding our new, full range of products together. We’ll focus on the dairy, food and beverages application-oriented markets and develop solutions that match the Latin American customers’ specifications and expectations.


Our sales channels will take an analytical approach, linking the customer on one side and GEA’s excellence centers on the other. I aim to make us the best trusted partner for our end-users and deliver projects and plants that are environmentally friendly and efficient
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