The production site for GEA high-pressure homogenizers is located in Parma, Italy. This area is also known as Italy’s Food Valley, due to the numerous market-leading food processing companies that started and developed their business here.

This unique environment has allowed GEA to follow the trend: the outstanding manufacturing capabilities that lie behind our homogenizers is one of the main features that enables them to ensure high-quality results, together with the company’s close cooperation with universities and research centers.

Homogenizer manufacturing

Manufacturing excellence

GEA manufactures all the key components of its homogenizers in-house, ensuring full traceability of materials. 

In detail?

  • We manufacture up to 1000 machines per year, with dedicated workstreams for both crankshafts and compression blocks.

  • Crankshaft workstream: rough turning, rough milling of crank pins, final turning, final milling of crank pins, lubrication bore drilling. 

  • Compression block workstream: raw milled (Duplex or Super Duplex SS) forged blocks produced by qualified suppliers according to GEA specifications (magnetoscopic and ultrasonic tests included), milling/boring/reaming in 2-step cycle, high-precision tapering of conical valves bores, rounding off of rough edges and final polishing to increase cleanability and mechanical strength.

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