22-Inch Concave Disc Incorporator

Fast spreading while using less tractor power than conventional injectors.

In a one single operation, the 22" Concave Disc Incorporator operates a soil tillage followed by a surface application of manure and mixes manure and soil into the top few inches of the surface of the soil. It is very efficient on harvested fields with a large quantity of crop residue.

  • Each incorporator has two 22" (559 mm) concave discs mounted on fully flexible spring leaf.
  • The pressurized tool bar maintains a constant load on the discs to better follow the contour of the terrain.
  • This tool bar is available with 4 sets of discs 12' (3.7 m) wide, 5 sets of discs 12' (4.6 m) wide and 6 sets of discs 18' (5.5 m) wide.
  • Folding ends option available.


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