Homogenizing NiSoX-Valve

The new GEA NiSoX-Valve introduces a complete change in the way that homogenizing valves are conceived in high pressure homogenization technology. The NiSoX-Valve design is now subordinate to the fluodynamic effects generated internally of the valve so that the liquid is channelled in such a way as to optimize the energy employed in the process.

The new NiSoX-Valve geometry facilitates a better distribution of energy toward the middle of the valve, promoting a more effective micronization of the particles, and above all a significantly enhanced uniformity of the product.

Technical specifications

The design of the new GEA homogenizing valve takes account mainly of three factors combining to optimize the energy generated internally of the valve:

  • Elongation stretching
  • Continuous acceleration along the passage
  • Radial impact at the centre of the valve

The effect of these factors on the flow is made possible only by virtue of a new mechanical configuration, the effect of which is to modify the essential parts in such a way that the design can be simplified.

The conventional homogenizing valve comprised a passage head, an impact ring and an impact head, but with the NiSoX-Valve these three components are replaced by just two: a deflector and an interaction chamber. 

Passing through the first deflector, the liquid accelerates to a velocity higher than that obtainable with conventional homogenizing valves, whereupon the radial impact occurring in the interaction chamber generates a powerful cavitation effect, micronizing the particles more effectively and achieving an improvement in homogenization of up to 45% over the standard valve.

Main advantages:

  • Up to 45% improvement in product homogenization
  • Reduction of operating pressure up to 30%
  • Simplified design
  • Reversible components for a longer life-time
  • Available as retrofit for existing machines
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • Available both in tungsten carbide and ceramic materials



Homogenizing NiSoX-Valve cross-cut
Homogenizing NiSoX-Valve cross-cut

The GEA NiSoX-Valve model currently available has given excellent results especially with VHP applications in the 600 to 1500 bar pressure range, which are particularly suitable for processing pharmaceutical and cosmetic emulsions, and liposomes.

When deployed in equipment for processing micro and nano emulsions, which are often used to maximize the release of active ingredients in pharmaceutical preparations, the GEA NiSoX-Valve delivers unprecedented results in terms of standard deviation (or polydispersity index), and lower reliance on emulsifying agents.

The NiSoX-Valve is patented (PCT-IB-2013-061179) and available in two sizes for homogenizers of the Ariete series, models NS2006 to NS3075*.

NiSo-XValve performance range

Models Flow rate (l/h) Pressure (bar)

NiSoX-Valve 1 - model NS2006 to model NS3030



NiSoX-Valve 2 - model NS3037 to model NS3075



*Models for higher flow rates are in preparation.


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