OTAS® Beverages Process Automation

GEA offers innovative solutions for process automations and services in the beverage industry. With OTAS® you can select modules from the provision of electronic process control up to integrated, company-wide network systems complete with the corresponding management information systems.

The core element of the GEA automation concept is a toolbox with standardized software modules for specific applications. These modules combine the visualization level and the control level into a customizable supervisory control system.

Combine our modules for your needs

Our software modules can be combined individually to form a scalable overall solution. You can select between several different modules for monitoring, process tracing, reporting or truck management, to name a few.

The OTAS® module for monitoring enables you to record measured values and switching statuses simultaneously, thus creating the necessary transparency for the optimization of production and cleaning processes. The record history data can also be used to validate individual batches or entire production volumes. 

If you are looking for a module that supports your truck logistics and product tracking we can offer you OTAS® Truck Management. This module allows the registration of truck data in the raw material/product reception and dispatch areas and the logistic organization of the trucks on the factory premises.

GEA is also the right choice when it comes to plant optimization. Our powerful tool OTAS® Data Acquisition enables you analyzing data production and consumption structures. It can be used for monitoring energy costs and for source-related cost allocation.