Semi-Hermetic Compressors HG HC Compressors

For use with hydrocarbons

For various applications, such as the field of supermarket refrigeration, hydrocarbons have established themselves as another natural alternative besides CO2. Due to the flammability of hydrocarbons the compressor has some safety related modifications.

Special features

Based on our current semi-hermetic product range GEA offers a low-cost compressor variant especially for the use with hydrocarbons. Compressors in HC-design have the following features: 

  • Special oil charge 
  • Motor protection supplied separately for an external installation (e.g. in the switch cabinet) 

Important notes

We would like to explicitly state that those compressors are a special edition and the compressors filled with hydrocarbons are to be operated by trained specialists only. 
An additional agreement has to be signed (Art. No. 09996) prior to delivery of the HC compressors.

More information about the HG HC compressors (e.g. technical/performance data, drawings, spare part lists, operating limits) can be found in the compressor selection tool VAP via the following link: VAP compressor selection HG HC compressors