Packaged Screw Compressor Systems GEA Grasso SPduo

Best efficiency with all loads

The packages in the GEA Grasso SPduo series feature two parallel-mounted screw compressors each.

This solution is especially suited for part-load efficiency, flexible (part-load) operation and all applications where demands for machine availability and redundancy are most important.

Both screw compressors in the unit can be operated independently or at the same time in parallel to achieve top-level loads. You can equip one screw compressor with a variable speed drive motor and frequency converter to achieve part-loads down to 12 % without significant efficiency losses!

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Optimized for highest efficiency in all load conditions Maximum machine availability, flexibility and redundancy – parallel or independent single compressor operation possible
  • Easy operation and minimized footprint
  • Parallel operation of 2 screw compressors possible
  • Stepless capacity control via frequency inverter and/or slide system
  • GEA Omni™ control panel with high-definition 15.6" touch screen
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GEA Grasso SPduo
GEA Grasso SPduo modelsCooling capacity (kW)
R717 | -10/+35°CR717 | -40/-10°CR134a | -10/+35°C
GEA Grasso SPduo-C¹)402124234
GEA Grasso SPduo-D¹)476148278
GEA Grasso SPduo-E¹)576180336
GEA Grasso SPduo-G¹)682212398
GEA Grasso SPduo-H¹)918284532
GEA Grasso SPduo-L¹)1356330616
GEA Grasso SPduo-M¹)1392432808
GEA Grasso SPduo-N¹)1712532994
GEA Grasso SPduo-P²)1276388706
GEA Grasso SPduo-R²)1650502912
GEA Grasso SPduo-S²)20866341154
GEA Grasso SPduo-T²)23387121292
GEA Grasso SPduo-V²)27988601550
GEA Grasso SPduo-W²)32009841772
GEA Grasso SPduo-Y²)388211942150
¹) at 4500 rpm, ²) at 3600 rpm