Weighing and Batching Silo Weighing

Many Powder Handling systems require bulk weighing of large amounts of material and the preparation of product batches for ingredient formulations.

Typical applications are for food mixes, soups, flavorings, pre-mixed baking recipes, infant formulas, drinks, sauces, health and nutritional supplements, breakfast cereals, confectionery, pharmaceuticals and many others. GEA has a wide range of equipment suitable for systems from 100 tonne silo weighing to micro ingredient systems dosing a few grams. High accuracy load-cells and weight control electronics are used to supply safe, sanitary and dust free systems.

Load Cells

Floor mounted bulk silos can be mounted on load cells at installation through careful planning at the design phase.

If you can lift the vessel, the legs can be mounted on load cells. Feed silos can be converted to a highly accurate vessel weighing system without lifting by cutting the bottom of each leg in turn, refitting the foot and bolting onto the load cell mount. This gives full load cell accuracy - typically 0.1% of full scale.  Useful when fine accuracy is required or when dealing with awkward leg styles that either do not allow gauges to be fitted or are too flexible for accuracy.