Powder Unloading Bags, FIBCs and Sack Unloading

GEA can provide a variety of powder unloading solutions for your specific needs and applications.

GEA has a range of sanitary emptying and discharging equipment. Whether it is in a standard FIBC container, tote bin, octobin or a smaller 25 kg bag, GEA has a solution to unload that container into a powder storage or transport system for further processing. These discharging systems can be incorporated with sieves, loss in weight feeders, magnets and other devices.

Bag Emptying/Manual Bag Dump Stations

25kg Bag Tipping
GEA manufactures bag dump stations to suit all sizes of bags and sacks, and most products. A range of styles and options is available to suit your application.

Typical Features and Options

  • heavy duty construction 
  • hinged access door 
  • integral or remote dust extraction 
  • stainless steel construction 
  • removable safety grille 
  • very high efficiency 
  • integral vibratory screener 
  • single or twin inlet designs 
  • door opening to suit bag size 
  • integral lump breaker 
  • integral bag compactor or shredder 
  • bag infeed conveyor and stripping table 
  • sanitary demountable options.

FIBC/Bulk Bag Discharge Stations (Big Bag)

GEA has the solution for the following discharge requirements:

  • single or multi-trip bags 
  • bags with or without liners 
  • free-flowing or sluggish powders 
  • hoist and monorail or forklift loading 
  • inflatable spout clamps 
  • flow shutoff and control valves 
  • glove box for hands free operation 
  • dust free discharge 
  • adjustable for different bag sizes 
  • bag agitation via pneumatic massage or vibrators 
  • combined big and small bag systems 
  • liner tensioning systems
  • associated equipment and options. 

To complete the system, additional equipment can be supplied. This includes

  • empty bag compactors, shredders, conveying and disposal systems 
  • integrated weighing, volumetric and gravimetric metering systems 
  • integrated sifting, lump breaking and milling systems 
  • bag/pallet infeed conveyors, depalletizers, and vacuum lifters 
  • epoxy coated mild steel, stainless steel, sanitary configurations 
  • integrated CIP (clean-in-place) systems.

Automatic Bag Opening Stations

Automatic bag slitters are a desirable alternative when high capacities are necessary and to reduce labour requirements. Several alternative designs may be considered to provide the optimum solution to process requirements. 

Bag opening may be by rotary cutting discs, band saws, rotary screw or pneumatic knives, and a full range of accessories can be provided to ensure a fully integrated design.

A typical automatic bag opening system could include the following: 

  • infeed pallet conveyors 
  • automatic depalletizer 
  • vacuum bag lifters 
  • bag infeed belt conveyors 
  • bag pre-breakers 
  • bag pre-cleaners 
  • automatic bag slitter 
  • integral product sifting 
  • integral empty bag compactor 
  • dust extraction systems. 

Systems may be completed with a powder convey system to deliver the dumped material to the next part of the process, as well as a waste bag shredding and convey system to disposal.

Bin Tipping

GEA is able to provide complete systems to handle all types of bulk bins, drums and boxes. Options include steel, stainless steel, wooden, heavy duty cardboard, plastic, IBC bins, tote® bins, collapsible or foldaway types.

Hydraulic or motorized tipping and dumping stations are integrated into a complete powder handling system, including automated bin conveying, weighing, powder conveying, sifting, milling, blending and packing systems.

System Features 

  • fully automated tipping sequence with rotation speed control 
  • centre or floor level tipping pivot 
  • bin clamping via pneumatic actuators 
  • product discharge control 
  • single or twin tipping stations 
  • vibratory systems to ensure complete emptying 
  • integrated grille to prevent bin liner separation 
  • self contained unit with integrated control panel 
  • manual or automatic control sequence.