Twin Paddle Type Food & Dairy Powder Mixers

GEA can provide powder-mixing equipment to meet the widest range of system requirements.

We can offer a wide variety of powder mixers including twin shaft paddle type and rotary drum mixers which are free of internal agitators.

Typical Applications

GEA Nu-Con Paddle Mixer

  • Dry powder mixing
  • Liquid addition into powders
  • Live storage of sticky powders
  • Cutting fat into flour
  • Addition of oils or other liquids into powders
  • Breaking down agglomerates

Mixing Type

The mixing type may include one of the following:

  • Ribbon Blenders 
  • Lindor Blenders 
  • Plough-share Blenders 
  • Fluidizing Paddle Blenders 
  • Double Cone Blenders 
  • V-Blenders 
  • Continuous Blenders 
  • Vertical Blenders 
  • Pneumatic Blenders

Special Designs and Accessories

  • Sanitary Designs for Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical Applications 
  • Jacketed Blenders for steam/hot water heating, or chilled water-cooling
  • Shaft Seals may be with packing, air purge, split or demountable
  • Outlets may be butterfly valves, gate valves, flush fitting plug valves, bomb bay doors
  • Product infeed may be via manual dumps with dust extraction, or using mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems
  • Weighing may be included with the blender by using loadcell mounts, or via separate weight control systems
  • Additives such as fats, oils and liquids may be rapidly dispersed via spray nozzles and using breaker bars and high-speed choppers

GEA can provide powder mixing systems which are integrated into your overall plant design and control system.