GEA has extensive experience in the design and supply of after-coolers for pneumatic conveying systems.

After-Coolers are used to control the temperature and moisture levels of in-process air and pneumatic conveying systems, which is an essential requirement when conveying hygroscopic and heat-sensitive food products, dairy powders and pharmaceuticals.


System design engineering and computer analysis is used to select the right equipment and solutions to meet your heat transfer requirements, including:

  • heating, cooling and dehumidification applications
  • water, glycol, and steam service fluids
  • customized design
  • self-contained refrigeration system units
  • low to high air capacities
  • air pressure from full vacuum to more than 1 Barg
  • low Pressure drop design
  • low approach temperatures
  • air to air heat transfer.


After-Coolers lower the convey air temperature and remove the heat of compression generated by system blowers operating at medium to high system pressures. An After-Cooler is frequently installed between the blower and rotary valve in lean phase convey systems to protect delicate products, such as those with a high fat content, from the damaging effects of high air temperatures. Features and options include:

  • customized design
  • water or glycol service fluids
  • air to air transfer
  • refrigeration system units (in conjunction with a dehumidifier)
  • low pressure drop design
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel construction
  • sanitary, easy clean designs.