Centrifuge Standardized GEA environmental Decanter lines pro for Sludge Dewatering

GEA environmental Decanter lines pro are a continuously operating centrifuges with a horizontal solid-wall bowl developed specifically for the requirements of sludge (pre-) dewatering. GEA environmental Decanter lines pro offer a standardised machine configuration for plug & play integration in processes with little need for adjustments.

In times of rising disposal costs and energy prices, more efficient water management is required.

This applies to waste water treatment and sludge treatment in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants, as it does in agriculture.

To meet these challenges, GEA offers biosolids, sludge and manure Decanters in the pro design that turn sludge, manure and fermentation residue into a recyclable resource to generate energy and reusable material – with the best possible yields.




GEA PerformancePlus

GEA PerformancePlus 提供各种客户服务级别选项,可扩展到常规预防性维护之外,是作为客户工业 4.0 战略方面的补充。

了解 GEA 服务

The excellent (pre-) dewatering efficiency of GEA biosolids, sludge and manure Decanters pro is based on the following technical features:

  • Low power consumption  (<0.9 kW/h/m³)
  • High  g-force for maximum dewatering
  • High torque for maximum dewatering
  • Gentle feed geometry for optimum flocculation and low wear
  • Deep-pond design for  maximum separation efficiency
  • All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel
  • Lowest  space requirement (m³/h per m²)
  • Good accessibility to all components
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Adjustable bowl speed via VFD
  • Automatic control of differential speed via VFD
  • Inline secondary motor (no belts) for highest efficiency and low maintenance


1-120 m³/h