Aseptic Fillers Aseptic Filler Fillstar FX

The Fillstar FX series is the range of aseptic volumetric electronic fillers, supplied with magnetic flow meters, for any still product.

The Fillstar FX series is suitable for high or low acid, clear or viscous products, and those with pulps, fibers and pieces sized up to 6 x 6 x 6 mm.

Aseptic filling of still products

The product is fed from a sterile buffer tank on top of the filling carrousel through a linear product path by overpressure of sterile air or sterile nitrogen gas. The flow meter regulates the quantity of liquid according to the container and closes a membrane valve when a predetermined quantity is reached. A dual-speed design (slow speed mode is used at beginning and end of filling cycle) allows to rapidly fill volatile products without turbulence, avoiding foaming.

Cross contamination is avoided by preventing contact between the filling nozzle and the bottle. FX fillers are sterilized internally using steam, and to guarantee optimal hygiene, no moving parts are in contact with the product.

FX range of electronic fillers

  • FX filling valve specifically designed for still clear products
  • FX P EVO filling valve for still products with and without pulps and fibers (up to 2 cm long and with 3 mm in diameter)
  • FX C EVO filling valve for still products, both clear or with pulps, fibers and pieces up to 6 x 6 x 6 m



  • Automatic dummy bottle insertion and extraction for closed-loop CIP (with caustic solution) and SIP (with steam)
  • A self-adapting neck handling system for different neck diameters offers advanced container flexibility
  • Footprint reduction and minimum product waste owing to the on-board tank
  • Automatic product changeover in less than 30 minutes
  • Fillstar FX design has been 3A-compliant since 2003