Slicing Loader - GEA ShingleLoader


The reproducible loading precision is a common feature of all members of the GEA ShingleLoader family. This means a wide variety of sliced portions can be fed to the thermoformer via the GEA ShingleLoader. In addition to the loading operation itself, the GEA ShingleLoader ensures continuous production on the part of the packaging machine, in most cases during the entire loading time of the slicer, by means of the integrated buffer conveyors. The consistent hygienic design and simple, quickly detachable belts enable a high degree of product safety through effective and economical wet cleaning.

Slicing Loader - GEA ShingleLoader

Working principle

The portions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 simultaneously) arrive at the GEA ShingleLoader coming from the portioning system (e.g. slicer). 

In the infeed area a optional spreading unit can move the portions closer to each other as required for the aligning station. 

In the flip-flop and diverting areas the portions are guided either to an upper correction level or are rejected downwards. - In the spreading area the portions are passing a spreading belt system and are positioned to the appropriate lateral distance to each other as required from the packaging machine. - In the alignment area the portions are afterwards positioned lengthwise. 

The buffering and loading areas build up the full packaging cycle for automatic loading.

  • Buffersystem for continous production
  • Correction belts for shortage of weight portions
  • Spreading belt sytem for appropriate lateral positioning
  • Optimal alignment for different packaging die-sets


The GEA ShingleLoader family covers a wide range of performance levels. From an economically attractive Easy Loader in the lower capacity range up to a GEA ShingleLoader700 for high performance lines thanks to its uncompromising loading capacity. High loading accuracy is guaranteed by all of the GEA ShingleLoader aggregates. The GEA ShingleLoader 600 with up to 3 buffer conveyors guarantees continous production in middle to high performance packaging lines. If it comes to high performance, with up to 4 buffers and 6 lanes at a max. index length of 1200 mm the ShingleLoader700 is the most suitable machine for this requirement. (E.g. up to 300 portions / min for 5.5 index at 12 cycles / min.)

  • ShingleLoader 600 enables continous production in middle to high performance packaging lines
  • ShingleLoader700 with max. 4 buffers and up to 6 lanes

Aligning conveyors with product stop and supporting rake


Many functions and additional modules can be integrated or combined with the GEA ShingleLoader. 2- or 3-tier flipflop, 1- 4 lanes, different aligning conveyors, aligning with product stop and a supporting rake and different lengths of loading conveyors make the ShingleLoader a very flexible machine.

  • Different flip flop configurations
  • Aligning conveyors with product stop and supporting rake
  • Different lengths of loading conveyors


Complete wash down design of the machine. Belts are easy and quick removable. The rollers on the transition of conveyors are easy to disassemble and clean. Servodriven swivel-up buffers for easy accessibility to tooling area of thermoformer. Optional UVC sterilization is available for the GEA ShingleLoader 600 / 700.

  • Wash down design
  • Belts are easy and quick removable
  • Buffers can be swiveled up -> Easy accessibility to tooling area of thermoformer
  • UVC sterilization for high product safety (Option) 


Own display for each GEA ShingleLoader machine makes it usable also as a stand alone aggregate, but fits also perfectly well into a whole slicing / packaging line. The operator is guided well through the self-explaining software. Each Portion weight, provided by GEA Check 3000 can be displayed on the Panel.

  • Own panel to display alarms and errors
  • Self explaining software for the operator