GEA SmartPacker SX400


The intermittent vertical GEA SmartPacker (SX) are a convenient and inexpensive way of creating a wide variety of bag formats, sizes and shapes. Film transport is momentarily halted while the seal is made and the bag trimmed.

GEA SmartPacker SX400

Working principle

The principle: - Products enter the GEA SmartPacker through the forming tube 

  • The shoulder of the forming tube shapes the flat film into a round or rectangular film tube 
  • Rollers guide the film to the forming area 
  • A vertical sealing bar seal the edges of the film tube together 
  • Vacuum transport belt pull the film through the forming area 
  • Cross sealing jaws create top and bottom seals in the bag
  • >98% technical availability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extended warranty (standard)
  • Free 24/7 help desk


Maximum speed (bags/min)*, up to 100. *Depending on product, film and dosing equipment

  • Up to 100 bags per minute

Output quality

To ensure fast, trouble-free film transport and jaw movement, both these functions have a sinusoidal speed curve, continuously monitored by the GEA SmartPacker's sophisticated control system.

  • Higher efficiency and less waste compared with conventional machines
  • Consistent high quality of produced packages
  • Extremely smooth film transport
  • Very accurate and consistent length of bag
  • Delicate film materials can be transported easily


The GEA SmartPacker SX is a compact and flexible vertical packaging machine that offers an extensive choice of packaging options in film producing bags directly from the reel. With a range of materials and our variation in formats, ranging from standard flat pillow bags to more complex quatro seal or zipper bags, you are sure to find a packaging solution that suits your product.

  • Possible bags styles: Pillow, gusseting, block bottom, quatro, doy-style, envelope and zipper bags
  • Typically less than 2 minutes to change a film reel
  • Typically less than 5 minutes to change a bag format (pillow)

>98% technical availability


To ensure fast, trouble-free film transport and jaw movement, a sinusoidal speed curve is applied and monitored by the control system.

  • Accurate and consistent bag length
  • Smooth film transport
  • Delicate film materials are easily transported
  • The controlled jaw movement minimizes mechanical strain on the cross sealing system
  • Ensures a longer life for the sealing elements

Return on investment

The GEA SmartPacker SX offers an excellent price / performance ratio.

  • GEA Food Solutions can predict your running costs
  • Advanced technical design keeps maintenance costs to a minimum
  • Easy to operate and clean


The GEA SmartPacker has a hygienic (stainless steel) design.

  • Smooth slopes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easily exchangeable parts


GEA SmartPacker has a CE marking. GEA Food Solutions declares that the GEA SmartPacker conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable CE directives.

  • CE mark


At the heart of each GEA SmartPacker is the GEA control system.

  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Electronic jaw movement control
  • GEA control system provides maximum versatility from a minimum number of moving parts
  • Requiring very little maintenance