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Cubes full of sweet success GEA Food is the leading specialist in the advanced design and production of high capacity GEA Sugarcube machines for the sugar industry. GEA Food builds already more then half a century Sugarcube stations, giving the team from GEA Food a large experience based foundation for your future Sugarcube station. Our sugar cube production lines distinguish themselves by unprecedented product flexibility through simple and quick change-over times to alternative cube and/or packaging sizes, easy of operation and high (food) safety.

Shapes and boxes to suit all tastes

Sugar Cubes shapes
Sugar Cubes shapes

The operation costs are kept low due to minimum labour occupation, low energy consumption and minimum waist material. 

GEA Food has installed over 400 individual machines and fully automatic sugar cubing lines in more than 60 countries. The knowledge within our experienced GEA, supports you in an optimal way, ensuring you to make best selection for your future investment. 

With the GEA lifetime commitment to our customers, you are assured a rapid and professional support by our first class after sales organisation close at hand. 


Sure to stand out

Sugar Cube shapes
Sugar Cube shapes

Whether you’re creating your traditional cubes in a more efficient way, or a variety of enticing and innovating shapes (hearts, diamonds, Christmas trees, etc), packed in a modern box, the GEA sugar cube station ensures cubes are prepared to exactly the right consistency with an optimal quality and a uniform weight. And manufacturing all these many sugar products on one and the same line is simplicity itself! 

Changing the size and shape of the sugar cubes is simply a matter of replacing the matrix cassettes. Additionally, a wide variety of box designs box weights and packaging options (individually wrapped, ranged or un-ranged) are available. Your attractively packed and temptingly presented product is sure to stand out in the market and receive the attention it deserves from your customers and consumers.