Aseptic Fillers Aseptic Filler Fillstar CX EVO

The aseptic volumetric electronic filling machine, Fillstar CX EVO, can fill both still and carbonated drinks in aseptic conditions including clear products and those containing pulps and fibers.

As product changeovers from carbonated to still drinks are fully automated and performed in sterile conditions, the Fillstar CX EVO saves both operational time and energy.

Rapid changeovers

Although the Fillstar CX EVO is optimized to aseptically fill carbonated liquids (with contact between bottle and filling nozzle), it can also be used for the aseptic filling of still liquids (with no nozzle-to-bottle contact) with the same performance levels.

The ability to switch from a still ‘no-contact’ filling process to a ‘contact’ one – and vice versa – is a distinct Fillstar CX EVO hallmark. It effectively eliminates changeover times that traditionally take more than 3 hours.

With Fillstar CX, there’s no need to shut down the system for mechanical adjustment; the new bottling parameters are simply programmed through the machine’s control system and sterile bottling continues without interruption.

Filling of carbonated beverages with fibers

The Fillstar CX EVO can aseptically handle products with fibers that are up to 2 cm long and with 3 mm in diameter. During the decompression phase, a snifting valve removes pulp residues from the membrane. In addition, the integrated rotating tank is ideal for particle and pulps distribution, and also reduces the overall footprint.

The Fillstar CX EVO can be fitted with an aseptic piston doser to fill pieces with a volume of up to 10 x 10 x 10 mm.

Hygienic design

The Fillstar CX EVO’s hygienic design ensures that no parts of the filling chamber are exposed (isolator concept) – except for the very end of the nozzle. Furthermore, no moving parts are in contact with the product. The filling head is normally closed in order to avoid any product loss in the event of power loss or a compressed air leak.

The positioning of the magnetic flow meters – outside the sterile area – allows easy access for electronic component maintenance, even during sterile production.


  • Suitable for sensitive carbonated (contact filling) and still (no-contact filling) beverages, both high and low acid
  • No filling valve changeover required for bottles with the same neck finish (28 mm to 38 mm) or from still to carbonated products
  • Magnetic flowmeters permit a high filling accuracy level that can be adapted to containers with different shapes
  • Reduced product loss owing to the on-board tank
  • Automatic dummy bottle insertion and extraction for fully automatic closed-loop clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) (international patent)