At Chillventa, the leading trade fair for energy efficiency, heat pumps and refrigeration, the technology group GEA presented the new GEA HA44e compressor as one highlight.

As part of continuous optimization, the new semi-hermetic air-cooled HA44e compressors, based on the suction gas-cooled compressor technology of the GEA Bock HG44e series, will replace the proven HA4 compressor series. Together with the already optimized HA22e and HA34e series, the HA44e compressors now complete the new GEA Bock HAe series. The current program offers now 3 model sizes with 10 capacity stages from 11.1 to 57.7 m3/h (50 Hz).

Reliability and efficiency in focus of development

Low-temperature applications place greater demands on compressors. In this application the refrigerant mass flow is smaller and is heated up disproportionately by the drive motor. This results in higher discharge gas and oil temperatures. The oil ages more quickly and the lubrication properties deteriorate.

The “HA principle” (Hermetic Air-Cooled) of air-cooled compressors, specially developed by GEA, is the most efficient semi-hermetic solution for low-temperature applications. It employs a direct-suction compressor combined with an air-cooled drive motor. The suction gas is not heated additionally, but rather fed directly into the cylinders without diversions via the motor. A compact ventilation unit is integrated to cool the motor and provide air flow for the cylinder heads, partially cooling them as well. This solution reduces the discharge temperature, increasing capacity and extending the range of applications.

The air-cooled HA principle results in lower discharge temperature, which is particularly advantageous in operation with new low GWP transition R404A replacement refrigerants. "This series also offers higher efficiency, especially compared to compressor models that are forced to use liquid injection for gas cooling," explains Dalibor Sandor, Product Manager at GEA.

As an international technology group, GEA focuses on world leading process solutions and components for sophisticated production processes, which align themselves close to customers' market and process requirements. The company is aware of its key role in providing responsible solutions for the future of our blue planet. GEA's efficient and sustainable energy concepts offer solutions with short payback periods that aim to reduce the total cost of ownership and CO2 emissions of their customers.