Process engineering group, GEA, will showcase cutting-edge automation and sensor-based technologies for the dairy industry at this year’s EuroTier (November 15 – 18, 2016, Hanover, Germany). They will empower customers to produce milk safely and increase animal health, while optimizing revenues and milk quality – all while coping with today’s challenging market environment. GEA’s product solutions are smartly linking farm, barn, herd and health management.

Patented innovation: sensor technology identifies cases of suspected mastitis during milking

With CMIQ monitoring, GEA is presenting the world’s first real-time system for effective early detection of mastitis at the quarter level. The CMIQ sensor records the milk composition of each individual quarter during the overall milking process. It analyzes and compares existing data on short notice, so any necessary action can start right after milking, from the automatic selection of infected or at-risk animals and treatment and progress checks during lactation periods, through to animal management adjustments. As a result, the CMIQ sensor technology leads to verifiably improved herd health with less work. GEA is launching the system for its automated milking systems DairyProQ and Monobox in 2017.

GEA DairyNet: Successful partnership between GEA and 365FarmNet bears new fruit

GEA DairyNet offers dairies a web-based herd management system which facilitates the division of the herd into specific feeding groups. It is a key element in the 365FarmNet platform. Thanks to this, farmers can document, evaluate and manage cattle rearing processes in combination with crop management for the first time. Combining the expertise of the individual partners GEA, fodjan and 365FarmNet within a new “365Feeding” concept gives farmers new ways to best adjust feeding to the animals’ performance potential. Consequently, the farmer boosts animal health while also improving herd performance.

Another mobile software has been developed with the aim of further optimizing the overview of all livestock farming and crop management processes: the 365ActiveBox with the 365Time app. The boxes with SmartSensor technology send data directly to the farmer's smartphone. By these simple means, working and machine times can be recorded, temperatures displayed and monitored, and animal weighing data transmitted to the dairy farmer who can intervene at any stage.

Automated milking systems from GEA continue to make headway

GEA DairyProQ, the automated and modular milking rotary parlor, is already in operation with more than 500 milking stalls following successful pilot projects. It has now entered serial production. Good news: GEA is offering its customers an extended warranty of up to five years for the DairyProQ system. With a new improved design, the milking stall module enables fast service.

The youngest member in the automation range, the GEA Monobox, has also been very well received on the market. Since March 2016 more than 200 individual boxes have already been sold in 15 countries. Unlike other products on the market, the GEA Monobox handles all milking-related processes in one attachment operation. It also includes the verifiably safe Apollo system for automatic dipping within the teat cup.

GEA Apollo system approved by leading milk processing companies

The Apollo system, a technology specially developed by GEA to improve udder health and prevent mastitis, ensures that automated dipping and backflushing processes run with maximum reliability and produce high quality milk in both automated and conventional parlours. Careful dipping and intermediate disinfection of the milking cluster prevent the transmission of mastitis pathogens, thereby minimizing the spread of infection. Independent testing confirmed complete product safety. Based on these tests, GEA was granted exclusive sales authorization in certain countries by leading milk processing companies, including Arla Foods and the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO).

GEA MixedFeeder WIC: How smart are automatic feeding systems?

Since July 2016, GEA’s product developers have been adding the control software WIC (Wireless Integrated Control) to the tried-and-tested GEA MixFeeder. The WIC system directly connects raw feed stores and silos and controls each individual step of the process fully automatically: from the precise weighing and mixing of the feed components in accordance with set feeding plans and specifications, to time-controlled group feeding. The MixFeeder with WIC ensures that each group of animals receives the individual feed blend it needs, tailored to its performance level. The WIC software can be controlled via PC or touch panel.

GEA enhances automated barn equipment: FRone

With GEA FRone, a robot pushes the feed in front of the feed fences instead of the farmer – saving his precious time. This ensures that cows always have access to fresh feed, regardless of the order in which they feed. As a result, they eat more often and remain healthy and productive. Besides reducing the workload, the continuous pushing means less food is wasted and productivity is increased.

GEA SRone+ manure scraper is an advanced version of SRone

GEA has recently launched the new manure scraper SRone+ specially designed for more complex stall layouts and alleys of up to 12,000 square metres. Besides many other special functions, the SRone+ features high-tech equipment with a gyroscope, extensive RFID/TAG sensor technology and semi-rigid PUR wheels. SRone+ is a premium version of the tried-and-tested basic unit, SRone, for simpler stall layouts, and which starts without any programming.

Find out more at our EuroTier press conference on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. in Hall 13/14 of the Hanover Trade Fair Convention Centre.