Compliance, in the sense of implementing measures to ensure adherence to the law, to statutory requirements and to internal company policies, is a key duty for everyone at GEA. Each board member, director and employee has a duty to ensure that no breaches of compliance are being committed within their area of responsibility. The GEA Compliance Organisation provides support for this purpose. GEA has in addition introduced various measures to ensure that Compliance is adopted and adhered to Group wide.

Reporting System

GEA is committed to responsible and sustainable management. Against this backdrop, integrity and lawful conduct are of the highest priority. GEA values an open corporate culture, and encourages its employees, business partners, shareholders, other stakeholders and external parties, to swiftly report serious infringements of laws or internal guidelines, and any compliance risks.

GEA's Integrity System offers employees and external parties a secure reporting system, which can be used for reporting infringements. Integrity System is not a general complaints platform, and it contains only selected reporting categories that cover particular risks for or to the company, its employees and all other stakeholders. These include corruption, fraud and embezzlement, money laundering, antitrust and competition law infringements, export control legislation, data protection, and accounting standards. GEA also considers itself responsible, as the employer, in cases of infringements of the Codes of Conduct - the principles of social responsibility. These cases constitute an independent reporting category. 

Integrity System is available in nine languages and is accessible from any Internet-enabled PC. The IT system is provided by an external supplier, and guarantees security for the informant. 

Only a limited number of members of the GEA Compliance, Internal Audit and Human Resources departments are able to access reports within their areas of competence. Reports received are dealt with in the strictest confidence to protect the informant and the accused. If the informant wishes, reports may be submitted anonymously to the extent that this is permitted in their country. 

GEA attaches great importance to the protection of informants from any negative consequences that may occur as a result of their report. As false accusations can have serious consequences for those affected, informants are encouraged to use Integrity System responsibly. Knowingly submitting a false report or other abuses of the system may result in penalties under labour or criminal law. 

Further information and access to the GEA Integrity System can be found here. (Link directs to an external page and will open in a new tab or window)

Global Business Conduct Policy

GEA’s Global Business Conduct Policy describes the values, principles and modes of action that guide the entrepreneurial conduct of GEA. The Global Business Conduct Policy reflects the goal to safeguard compliance with law throughout GEA and to create a work environment that distinguishes itself in terms of integrity, respect, and fair and responsible conduct. It is applicable worldwide to all employees, board members and directors of the GEA.

Anticorruption Guideline

GEA is committed to complying with the laws of all jurisdictions in which it is active. The Company relies on performance, customer orientation and quality of its products and services to succeed, and not on illegal or unethical practices. GEA does not, therefore, engage in or tolerate corruption or other illegal practices. It expects that all its officers, employees and business partners (e.g., agents, consultants, suppliers) to refrain from any form of corruption in any country, and will take appropriate action against those violating this obligation.