The goal of GEA’s financing strategy is not only to be able to meet its payment obligations whenever they fall due, but also to ensure that sufficient cash reserves are always available in the form of credit lines, in addition to maintaining a strategic cash position. The centralized liquidity portfolio is managed mainly for capital preservation and risk reduction by diversifying the cash investments.

Financing Structure
GEA cash credit lines incl. discontinued operations
(EUR million)
Maturity 12/31/2017
Bilateral credit lines including accured interests until further notice 299 245
Syndicated credit line (“Club Deal”)
August 2022 650
Total 949
Net debt
(EUR thousand) 12/31/2017 12/31/2016
Liabilities to banks –244,922 –55,845
Borrower‘s note loan –90,651
Cash and cash equivalents 250,507 929,120
Net liquidity (+)/Net debt (-) 5,585 782,624
Equity 2,503,594 2,995,604
Equity ratio 43.6% 49.0%
Gearing –0.2% –26.1%