The IDF World Dairy Summit has closed its doors. Once again it attracted thousands of professionals within the global dairy community – from dairy farming to dairy processing.

We would like to thank you for visiting our lectures and our booth. You will find the presentations from Alex Strolenberg and Anders Sehested in the download area in the right site.

See you at Eurotier in Hanover, hall 13, booth E48! For more information please visit our EuroTier website.

Dairy Farming

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Dairy Farming touches everyone’s life. GEA is a major player in the dairy farming sector and is taking care of dairy farmers all around the world – from smallest farms to huge dairy operations. As a total solution provider we empower dairy farmers around the globe to successfully manage their future.

Based on our mission of “The Farm of the Future” we constantly monitor the challenges that our customers are facing and invest in future-oriented developments. This means not to follow the market trends thoughtlessly, but to foster innovations in the dairy business. We are triggered by the idea of improving the farmer’s life and the cow’s well-being. Hence, as a result GEA develops customer-orientated equipment and reliable solutions in the areas of milk harvesting and cooling, manure technology, cow comfort, feeding solutions and farm management.

Digitilization in dairy farms

Digitalization has already deeply entered the field of milk production. It changes value chains, business models and relationships between the individual market participants. A big part of the business changes are directly or indirectly affecting the animal in the agritechnical system. Animal welfare, animal health and performance are the outstanding discussion points in the current market situation of dairy farms.

The digitalization enables this discussion to be more specific now and to break with general views regarding quantity and quality of dairy farming. With the digital solutions, provided to the single animal as well as to the farm system in various fields, new opportunities are now being offered to all partners of the value chain from dealers to end customers. Especially the health status of the animals, one of the key success, but variable factors of the dairy farm can be managed more proactively rather than reactively. Means, the new technologies like automated processes, self-learning systems, monitoring tools, and the widened system focus in collaborating cross-manufacturer product systems with open standards are helping to raise animal welfare and to make the animal health status more manageable and predictable. It’s about how to turn big data in smart data in a holistic farm system to the benefit of the animal and the farmer.

Listen to experts

At the IDF World Dairy Summit you had the possibility to listen to Alex Strolenberg, one of our experts when it comes to Sensor Solutions.

Dairy Processing

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For decades the dairy industry worldwide has relied on GEA’s expertise. From the design and construction of large-scale milk and milk product processing facilities, to the provision of solutions and individual pieces of equipment, GEA technology keeps your business efficient, competitive and innovative.

Innovative inline technology paves the way

With the increasing globalization of the dairy market, processors are looking for optimal valorization of milk. Dairy based powders for human consumption can provide high added value and thus have always gained focus for innovation from the industry. 

Over the past years the focus on spray drying of milk products has been capacity driven and has resulted in production design optimization and upscaling capacities. This focus has resulted in spray drying plants with capacities up to 30 tonnes per hour. Today producers increasingly focus on process improvements by monitoring and controlling dynamically. Dynamic process control results in improved operational costs, higher product quality and safer installations.

The advent of new in line sensor technologies in combination with improved methods for determining powder stickiness behaviour has paved the way for accurate, dynamic optimization improving capacity utilization, yield, quality and safety. 

Listen to experts

Take the chance and get new insights about sensors and smart controls for efficient spray drying. Anders Sehested, Innovation Manager at Product Technology Center Drying, showed you which new methods replace current existing manual handling which due to the delay in getting the lab results, do not allow for precise dynamic control of the process and continuous quality monitoring.