> Reduce CO2 emissions 10% by 2025 (base year 2015)
> Lower lost day frequency rate to 5.5 by 2025
> Reach at least 80% recycling quota by end of 2019

Goals 2019

Strategic target Target date
Corporate responsibility  
Transparent reporting on defined material topics according to recognized standards ongoing
Roll-out Code of Corporate Responsibility

Implement recommendations from internal HSE Audits ongoing
Conduct HSE Legal Compliance audits globally basis via an external partner 2019
100% coverage of certified production and service sites according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 2025
Re-certification of GEA umbrella certificate according to
4 management systems
Migration from BS OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001   2019
Quality management  
Further improve and roll-out Process description and procedure platform (PPP) Ongoing
Further develop supplier audit program according to GEA Corporate Responsibility strategy   2019
Security management  
Improve and extend security services and further develop strategy to match top industry standards for security management 2021
Nominate Regional Security Officers and Security Representatives 2019

Occupational health & safety  
Further develop GEA Care Health Management at all locations by designing a working environment that promotes the health and performance of our employees 2025
0 Accidents Ongoing
Lost day frequency rate ≤ 5.5 2025
Lost day severity rate ≤ 110 2025
Lost day frequency rate ≤ 6.0 2019
Lost day severity rate ≤ 120 2019
ProActive initiate rate ≥ 65

Environment & energy  
Reduce global CO2 emissions by 10% compared to base year (2015) 2025
Continued reduction of CO2 emissions by 1.5% (ongoing) 2019
Translation and roll-out of Environmental Core Rules 2019
Set up additional environment and energy programs 2019
Improve transparency and monitoring of environmental KPIs at SoFi 2019
Increase Recycling Rate ≥ 80% 2019
Audit according to Energy Services Act (“Energiedienstleistungsgesetz”, Germany and EU) 2019

Goals and performance 2018


Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Integration of 14 companies into the GEA certification umbrella 2018 Integration audits successfully completed. ++
Initial certification of two companies 2018 The external audits at GEA Messo GmbH in Duisburg and GEA Food Solutions Germany GmbH in Kempten have been completed successfully. Both companies are now part of the GEA umbrella certificate. 

Implementation of the recommendations out of the HSE Legal Compliance Audits 2018 307 findings have been closed in 2018. 380 findings remain open. 13 HSE Legal compliance audits were conducted in 2018.

Approval and Roll-Out of extended Code of Conduct 2018 The former “Codes of Conduct” have been updated and renamed: “Codes of Corporate Responsibility.” The document will be published in 2019. +
Establishment of new Incident Management Team (IMT) and training of core members   The IMT members have been identified and informed. The first meeting took place in 2018. ++
Improve internal and external communication of Quality & HSE topics 2018 The Internet is now used to cover topics that fall under “Corporate Responsibility.” QHSE topics have also been integrated and published on gea.com. The QHSE Intranet portal has been updated accordingly. ++


Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Development of global Quality Core Rules 2018 The target was achieved in 2018. A more general approach has been chosen as a new starting point and will be further developed in 2019. +
Further development of Process Description and Procedure Platform (PPP) 2018 The PPP was successfully moved to the GEA cloud. The platform has been updated based on internal feedback. +

Occupational health & safety

Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Core target: 0 accidents ongoing In 2018, 93 GEA reporting entities – roughly 60% – were accident-free. ++
Lost Day Frequency Rate ≤ 6.00   2018 Lost day frequency rate = 5.97 (Frequency of accidents: lost time injuries per million working hours, GEA counts up to 182 days of lost time) ++
Lost Day Severity Rate ≤ 130   2018 Since 2014, the severity rate substantially decreased Lost day severity rate 2018 = 117.58 (Severity rate: days lost per million working hours, GEA counts up to 182 days of lost time) ++
proactive injury rate (PAIR) ≥ 65 2018 PAIR = 145.76 ++
Introduction of a Health Management Pilot Project   ongoing Pilot project conducted at GEA’s Hürth site. Results have been analyzed. +

Energy & environment

Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Continuous reduction of CO2 emissions by 1.5% 2018 Target achieved – both in absolute figures and in relation to sales. ++
Development of global Environmental Core Rules 2018 Our Environmental Core Rules are published on the Intranet. Translations currently in process. +
Improve internal and external communication of the QHSE topics of Sustainability   2018 The gea.com website now provides detailed information regarding environmental and energy-related issues under "Corporate Responsibility.” Employees can find updates via the QHSE portal on the intranet. ++
Improved reporting for water and waste and integration at sustainability report 2018 2018 GEA began recording water consumption and waste composition in 2018. Data input and quality are improving. The 70 largest sites report. +

The objectives in process will be pursued in 2019.