Efficient solutions to support more sustainable processes

Efficient products

GEA’s efficient products and process solutions help customers contribute to the sustainable management and protection of natural resources. Primarily active in the food processing industry, we also supply the chemical, pharmaceutical and marine industries with processing technologies. In these industries, complex production processes tend to be consumption-intensive, and as a result, our customers are focusing more on resource efficiency, energy recovery, reducing emissions and waste.

These have become decisive factors in their purchasing decisions, which in turn have a direct and positive influence on climate-relevant emissions. GEA's business success is based, among other things, on products and solutions that are more efficient than previous generations and thus reduce their environmental impact. 

A capital goods manufacturer may only set itself apart from its peers and provide enhanced customer value by gaining technological leadership, which, in turn, requires innovation. In this respect, there is a connection between GEA’s innovative strength and the positive effect of its products, solutions and services when it comes to mitigating climate change.

As a society, we are under tremendous pressure to address how we can take better care of our world, which includes rethinking how we use our diverse resources today and going forward. No one feels this more acutely than our customers and partners who are tasked with finding the right balance between the environment, the economy and society, which includes meeting the increasingly complex needs and demands of consumers, investors and other stakeholders all along the value chain. – Stefan Klebert, CEO, GEA


We’re continuously improving our components, systems and processing plants to maximize resource efficiency, flexibility, quality and TCO. With roughly 200 core technologies, there are countless opportunities for optimization. Process efficiency and time to market – starting at the innovation phase – are remuneration-based KPIs for GEA's Executive Board as of 2018.

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Research and development

Our R&D activities are guided by our commitment to develop and engineer products that contribute to efficient processing, including value-added processes. Macroeconomic trends, such as growing world population, urbanization and rising energy costs, and our desire to have a positive impact on them, is key to everything we do. 

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