Catherine’s story

问题 What attracted you to GEA?


To be honest, I was headhunted. What made me choose GEA was the job offer itself: working in the field of feeding, project-based work, Europe as a working location and having diverse contacts to many different people. Also, the product line is very interesting and I just fell for it! 

问题 What is your job at GEA?


My job is to promote automatic feeding in the GEA world and to support my colleagues and our dealers on the product line. This means I conduct trainings, take customers to farm visits, attend shows and fairs and assist with troubleshooting. I work together with our subsidiaries in France, UK, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Poland, the Baltic countries and Latin America.

问题 What do you enjoy most about your job?


It’s the versatility: no project is like the other, each farmer is special and every country has its very own characteristics and specificities. I also enjoy the travelling, even though it is sometimes a challenge with small kids at home and the responsibilities family life brings with it.

I really appreciate the opportunity I have to broaden my knowledge around feeding by participating in events like feeding days or research projects. Through this, I not only develop myself, but also the support I can give to our dealers and customers.

问题 What is your personal magic moment at GEA?


A magic moment for me is every time I stand in front of a farmer, having an open discussion on his feeding and I can see that he understands the possibilities our products offer - like a whole new world opens up for him! That makes my day.

问题 What are your ambitions for the future?


Become more and more of an expert in feeding. I believe that within GEA there is a huge experience and knowledge regarding milking and of course, to some degree, feeding but I hope that I can “bring my stone” to the house and help us become as known for feeding as we are for milking.